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Water Sports in Wisconsin Dells

You don’t have to be at a waterpark to soak up an unforgettable Dells experience! Get out on the water this summer in Wisconsin Dells! The stunning Wisconsin Dells landscape helped to make the area famous, and there are plenty of ways to experience the unique rock formations first-hand.

Wisconsin Dells is overflowing with many natural water bodies and man-made lakes that have great vistas and opportunities for tons of fun! The Upper Dells (above the dam) is a gorgeous area for water recreation of all sorts, and is considered to be what originally made Wisconsin Dells famous. The Lower Dells (below the dam), although not nearly as popular, has access to inlets and coves for unique kayak and canoe experiences! Lake Delton (a man-made freshwater lake) is also a popular option for water recreation. Mirror Lake State Park and Devil’s Lake State Park are only a hop, skip, and a jump away from the bustling Wisconsin Dells downtown. Both State Parks are nestled in beautiful cliffy regions, and have access to kayak and canoe rentals! The Park’s little/no-wake restrictions make paddling easy for folks of all ages! Also nearby, the Baraboo River, Castle Rock Lake, and Lake Wisconsin offer up some unique experiences!

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Get up-close-and-personal with Mother Nature this summer on a kayak or canoe! The waters of the Dells are glistening with possibilities! Mirror Lake State Park and Devil’s Lake State Park are great places to head for a truly stunning kayak/canoe adventure! No need to cram your car with equipment, both Park’s offer rentals at their concession stands, and coupons are available in the 2014 Wisconsin Dells Coupon Book! Kayaks, canoes and rowboats at Devil’s Lake run just $10-$12/hr with an extra deposit. The 2014 summer season also marks the start of the Devil’s Lake Kayak Tours! Tours are guided by a resident naturalist who will give you the low-down on the area’s breathtaking landscapes, flora and fauna. If you are looking to explore the Upper and Lower Dells, Dells Watersports and Rivers Edge Canoe & Kayak Rentals are close to town, and have coupons in the Coupon Book.

Paddle Boardsshutterstock_105558221

You’ll feel like you are walking on water with a paddle board rental from Dells Watersports! Paddle boarding is a fun and unique way to get out on the water. No waves are required with this type of surfing, and with minimal equipment (board, paddle, and PFD), you can zip around on your board with a new perspective of your surroundings. At just $20/hour or $60/day, this is an affordable, fun way to see the Dells!


WaveRunners are an adrenaline pumping, fun way to see what Wisconsin Dells has to offer. Although not allowed at the State Parks mentioned above, WaveRunners are a great option for the Upper and Lower Dells. Weave from side-to-side and make wakes with tight-turns on a WaveRunner from Dells Watersports! The Coupon Book has a $5 off coupon for their 2 participating Lake Delton locations! At Holiday Shores Water Sports, WaveRunner rentals start at just $47 per half hour, with more money-saving opportunities in the Coupon Book.

Ski & Fishing Boats

Whether you are looking to pull a daring inner-tuber or spend an afternoon fishing with the family, there are several set-ups that would be perfect for your needs! Check out for a variety of boat rental facilities in the area.

Pontoons shutterstock_135632297

Want to just relax out on the water? Pontoon rentals are the way to go! Pack a cooler, sunscreen and some snacks, and spend the day drifting around without a care in the world. Holiday Shores Water Sports is a convenient place to sign-up for your pontoon rental. Getting a 10% discount (M-Th) is as simple as liking Holiday Shores Water Sports on Facebook! Rivers Edge Boat Rentals is located just downstream from the Dells dam, with extremely affordable rentals starting at just $150/day!

Guided Tours

If you are looking to get out on the water and don’t want to worry about renting your own equipment, then a guided tour is the perfect medium! Dells Boat Tours run on both the Upper and the Lower Dells areas. Each tour has great views of the rocky cliffs that help make the Dells so beautiful. Jet Boat Adventures and Captain Ron’s Original Dells Jet Boats are the perfect way to see the Dells in speedy style! The Original Wisconsin Ducks and Dells Army Ducks have a unique twist on the classic ‘boat tour’. Their amphibious vehicles will have you on the edge of your seat!

All of the mentioned rental and tour sites do have coupons available! Check out the 2014 Wisconsin Dells Coupon Book for access to fantastic money-saving options on various rentals and guided tours! So what are you waiting for? The Dells is calling your name!