Automotion Classic Car Show 2022

may, 2022

sat21mayAll Daysun22Automotion Classic Car Show 2022(All Day) Mt Olympus, 1881 Wisconsin Dells ParkwayPhone Number:1-800-223-3557


may 21 (Saturday) - 22 (Sunday)


Mt Olympus

1881 Wisconsin Dells Parkway

Phone Number


Event Details

You know that Automotion has arrived in Wisconsin Dells when over 1,200 beautifully restored classic cars roll into town. Whether you’re displaying the love of your life, a 1989 or older classic car, Free spectator admission!

For assistance call: 1-800-223-3557. All activities and times subject to change. Food & beverage concessions and souvenir sales available. Mt. Olympus Water and Theme Park Resort, 1881 Wisconsin Dells Parkway, Wisconsin Dells.

Automotion Lodging, Dining and Shopping
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Saturday 7AM – 5 PM

Sunday 7AM – 3 PM


Is there a cost to get in to see the show. Where is the car cruse and what is the Hollywood on Broadway.

Hello Judie. I apologize for the late response. There is no cost to get in to Automotion. A schedule of events for next year will be updated on out events page as soon as they become available to us!

Nice Show.

Great show!

Do you have to pre register for burnout competition, or can you register the day of? Where do you do so?

Hello Brittany, please check with the Visitor & Convention Bureau for specific information on Automotion!

all you do is show up and get in line. no registration needed if you are gunna do a burnout (and you and your passengers get admission for free).

Where is the burnout competition held ?

Hello Kyle. Please contact the Visitor and Convention Bureau for specifics on Automotion! See you there!

Hi I have never been to automotion and I amd super stoked that my whole crew is going so were just needing some info. like to enter into a show how much for each show cause we want to show all are cars? and I see you dont need to pay to go to automotion?

Hello Ryan. Yes, admission into Automotion Festival is free. As far as entering the shows and contests, information will be available at the Bureau closer to the Festival. Hope this helps!

My family and I make a weekend of the Automotion show every year. Its a fantastic time to enjoy the Dells.

Is it just classic cars there? or other cars too like tuners or today’s kinda cars

Hi Michael,
There are all sorts of cars at Automotion, and a small amount of tuners. The majority of the cars at the event are classic cars.

only classic cars are able to enter the show but tuners run up and down the streets all day long.

I have a 1991 Gmc pickup can I enter it in show Thank John

Hi John,
Check with the Visitor and Convention Bureau for information on what kind of cars are accepted for entering at Automotion.

registration only allows up to and including 1989 vehicles.

What is Hollywood on Broadway in the evening?

Hollywood on Broadway is from 5pm-9pm during the Saturday of Automotion when iconic Hollywood cars go on display through downtown Wisconsin Dells. Check the Bureau’s website for more information.

Some time ago we sent in our registrations as a group but have not heard anything since.
Will we get a confirmation as to being registered or what is the process.

Hello Bob,
Please contact the Wisconsin Dells Visitor Bureau directly and they can give you the info on the registration process for Automotion.

I understand that the parking/shuttle runs to and from Tommy Bartlett parking lot, is the a parking fee? Also is there handicap access to the shuttle or a separate parking lot?
Thanks, Looking forward to the show!!!

Hi Greg, the Duck shuttle is free from Tommy Bartlett to Noah’s Ark and back to Tommy Bartlett. For information on special shuttle accommodations, please contact the Visitor & Convention Bureau.

Had a blast this year and the years before

I signed up for the car show last year but was unable to bring my car back from Arizona to display it. I will be able to bring it back this time and was wondering if the fee I paid last year and did not get back a refund carry forward to this years show? Either way what about an application to attend.

Hello Rudy,
Please contact the Wisconsin Dells Visitor & Convention Bureau for all of your Automotion questions!

hi! this year im bringing my 2003 mitsubishi eclipse it needs some body work but i love it. i will be supporting curts all repair in fox lake. thank you for automotion!

is there any way you could check on my registration status,, I believe I am ,but can’t find any conformation. would be a great help.. thank you. 1935 Terraplane.

Hi Jim, We do not have direct access to that information. Please contact the Wisconsin Dells Visitor & Convention Bureau for your registration status. Hope this helps!

Good day

Please could you tell me what the price is for spectators to enter Noahs ark car show


Spectator Admission is Free!

I know this is a kid friendly environment. I also noticed that it’s in the Noah’s Ark Parking lots correct? Do you know if Noah Ark will be open that weekend and is there parking specifically for only Noah Ark Parking? Or is it a first come first serve type ordeal..

Please contact the Wisconsin Dells Visitor and Convention Bureau for more information about this event.