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From Grain to Glass at Driftless Glen Distillery

The oaky, caramel scent of aging whiskey. The smooth, complex flavor of a botanical gin. The sound of rushing water, glistening in the sun. Welcome to Driftless Glen Distillery.

Set on the banks of the serene Baraboo River, Driftless Glen offers a relaxed and elegant distillery and dining experience. They value the importance of superior ingredients, a masterful distillation process, and unmatched food and spirits. With menu items like the Bourbon BBQ burger, Salmon with Reserve Brandy glaze, or Rye Demi Tenderloin Pasta, their passion for spirits truly shines through.

For spirit connoisseurs or those just looking to learn more about the distillation process, Driftless Glen offers tours and tasting sessions to experience the life of their libations from grain to glass.

The process begins with locally-sourced grains and naturally sand-filtered water from the Driftless Region. Once these grains are mashed and fermented, they go into a copper still where the alcoholic contents are separated from the water and spent grain.

Driftless Glen’s 10,000 pound, 44 foot tall column still

Driftless Glen’s distillation process features this 10,000 pound, 44 foot tall column still!

After distillation, whiskies are placed into charred American oak casks to age in rack houses like this.

Room full of whiskey barrels

Over several years, the barrel soaks the spirit into its staves, mellowing the whiskey. Caramelized sugars from the charred barrel give the whiskey its dark brown color and rich, caramel flavor.

After the aging process is complete, the whiskey will be ready to enjoy. Maybe it will be sipped neat, or featured in a Driftless Glen menu item, or mixed into a delicious cocktail like this Maple Old Fashioned.

Old Fashioned cocktail by the river

However you prefer to enjoy your spirits, Driftless Glen has something for everyone. We hope you’ll visit them on the banks of the Baraboo River soon. Cheers!