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  • Business listings
  • Exclusive coupons
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Business Listings

Any local (Wisconsin Dells and the surrounding areas) business is entitled to a FREE listing on any of our listing pages.


All listings include the business name, address, phone number and map on


Options to upgrade listings include pictures, descriptive text, and a link to the website. Listings with photos attract more attention than with those without photos.

Exclusive Coupons

Registered users of are granted access to our printable coupon list, which consists of exclusive savings. Coupons will list the business name, address, phone numbers, expiration or validity, 12-digit UPC code, offer, and restrictions/disclaimers. Offer titles are limited to 90 characters. Restrictions/disclaimers are limited to 5 lines and 136 characters on each line. 


Special Offers

Specials are savings that do not require a coupon and are open to all users of 

Banner Ads

Leaderboard banner ads are 728×90 px. 


Tile Ads

Tile ads are 300×250 px.


Video Ads

Video ads are 400×300 px images or video. Video ads are only available on the homepage of



Businesses can advertise an event by adding it to calendar

Blog Articles

Blog articles will feature local businesses.

Online Tickets and Reservations Link

A graphic linked to a business’s tickets and reservations sales page.

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