New at Wilderness Resort: CYvrSPACE Virtual Arena!

Wilderness Resort has truly outdone themselves with a new state-of-the-art Virtual Reality Game. I was recently invited to give this interactive game a try, and it was not what I expected. Without any past experience playing virtual reality games, I wasn’t expecting this be as complex and real as it was. I felt like I was actually inside the video game! The first time I put my headset on and looked around, I got a freaky feeling as if I was exploring this extra dimensional world. The first time I saw a robot coming at me with my headset on, I had to train my mind that it’s just a game!

The whole experience takes about a half hour. You arrive, watch a short instructional video, put on the gear, and get playing! The gear consists of a headset, your two hand “controllers” and the light backpack! The controllers let control your virtual guns and teleporting, while the backpack has a built in vibrating mechanism so you actually feel the rumble when a robot is behind you or get shot in the game! Keep in mind, this is a family-friendly activity and there is no actual human violence.

The facility where the arena is located has done a great job to create the whole virtual experience from when you arrive to when you leave. With flickering green lights and a short but entertaining safety/instructional video, you’ll be ready to go when the timer starts. This is an interactive activity that you wouldn’t expect to find right here in Wisconsin Dells. Each player is placed in a physical 12ft x 12ft arena with green LED curtains at the borders. As you move around the room within the game, if you get close to the “real walls” outside the game, you start to see the border of the room pop up within the game. It’s neat safety feature. Another thing I found that was awesome is if you get shot at within the game, you can see the bullets coming toward you in slow motion and you can actually dodge them by kneeling down in real life!

What a time to be alive! If you’ve never tried anything Virtual Reality, I highly recommend starting with this on your next visit to Wilderness Resort. Right now, CYvrSPACE Virtual Arena is exclusively for Wilderness guests who are 8 years old and up! There’s a small charge of $20, but it’s well worth the entertainment and fun experience! For more info, please visit: