Escape Rooms in Wisconsin Dells

Imagine being locked inside a room with a group of friends. The only way to escape the room is by solving a series of puzzles and clues using only the elements provided in the room. Working as a team, you have a preset time limit to finish this physical adventure game. If your mind is sharp or you enjoy brainy puzzles, this is the activity for you!

Wisconsin Dells is full of multiple Escape Rooms, each one offering a different challenge! Located at 1425 Wisconsin Dells Pkwy #3, Elusive Escape Rooms vary in theme from a Double Agent Room to an Enchanted Potion Room, a Missing Starlet Room, and more! Each room is filled with artifacts and clues that all connect with each other in order to help you “escape”. Each room is meant for a certain amount of players and has a certain period of time required to play. Most rooms are around 60 minutes, but the one meant for beginners, the Missing Starlet Room, is 45 minutes, which is perfect for a date night activity!

D.O.A. Room Escape at the Wilderness Resort currently features two different Room Escapes, named The Hotel and The Basement, with a Circus Room Escape coming this summer! The two current room escapes are designed to inspire a mindset of urgency and confusion as participants move from room to room after solving different clues. The new Circus Room Escape will be designed for families with younger children ages 5-10 and will feature bright colors and a circus themed tribute to the Ringling Bros. Circus.

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