An Easy Workout to Start your New Year

Ahhhh! It’s 2016 and most of us have already made our own personal New Year’s resolutions. On the top of my list is to workout more! If you’re interested in an easy 10-minute workout that you can do on your own, then keep on reading!

A fun way to do it is to make a game with working out. Pick your name, or a word, and follow the workout next to each letter. Feel free to modify it to your own level:

A- 15 Arm Circles

B- 25 Crunches

C- 10 Burpees

D- 20 Squats

E- 20 Jumping Jacks

F- 10 Push-ups

G- 20 Squats

H- 15 Burpees

I- 25 Crunches

J- 30 Jumping Jacks

K- 10 Crunches

L- 30 Arm Circles

M- 2 Min Wall Sit

N- 10 Push-ups

O- 5 Sit Ups

P- 30 Jumping Jacks

Q- 15 Squats

R- 30 Sec Wall Sit

S- 15 Crunches

T- 20 Arm Circles

U- 2 Min Wall Sit

V- 20 Burpees

W- 15 Jumping Jacks

X- 5 Push-ups

Y-15 Squats

Z- 1 Min Wall Sit

If you’d like something more, Wisconsin Dells offers many workout facilities to keep you healthy. Many hotels and resorts in Wisconsin Dells offer their own workout facilities to guests. You can also check out Cutting Edge Fitness, Ho-Chunk Nation’s House of Wellness, and Anytime Fitness to help you reach your fitness goals this year!

An Easy Workout to Start your New Year