Cutting Edge Fitness

This blog post was published on September 30, 2014 and may contain outdated information.

Why wait until the new year to start your fitness goals? Combat the upcoming tailgating/holiday parties and start the new year feeling fabulous with fitness classes at Cutting Edge Fitness in Wisconsin Dells!

With a new location in downtown Dells, you can easily register and pay for classes on a class-to-class basis. No membership required means no excuse to skip working out during your vacation. From relaxing yoga to high-intensity circuit-training and fun-filled zumba classes, Cutting Edge Fitness has a little bit of everything!

Designed to help you build lean muscle tissue and burn body fat fast, Cutting Edge Fitness’ high intensity classes include a variety of cardio and weight lifting exercises for a full body workout. Whether you’re just starting your fitness regime or training for an upcoming marathon, these classes produce awesome results!

The high-intensity courses include the Body Conditioning Circuit where exercises are conducted in stationed, timed intervals. The Get Fit Boot Camp classes are perfect for those who are just getting started and are looking for a bit of a challenge. If you’re experienced with boot camp-style classes, then the Edge Boot Camp class is for you! High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is similar to the Body Conditioning Circuit class but has a higher cardio intensity to get your heart pumping the full 45 minutes.

Designed to replicate the experience of outdoor cycling, Cutting Edge Fitness has a variety of spin classes for every level. The Spin Boot Camp combines 30 minutes of spinning with 30 minutes of boot camp exercises. Similar to the Spin Boot Camp is Spin Pilates, which combines 30 minutes of spinning and 30 minutes of Pilates. If you are crunched for time, Spin Express is a 30 minute class of spinning designed for an on-the-go lifestyle. Spin Intervals involved high-intensity periods of spinning with periods of active rest. Last but not least is the 60 minutes spinning class (simply titled Spinning) for the advanced cyclists ready for an extreme challenge!

Cutting Edge Fitness’ Mind Body Classes are low intensity classes designed to relax the mind while providing a great workout. Integrative Core is 45 minutes of deep core work that will improve posture, mobility, strength, and flexibility. Kid’s Yoga is perfect for kiddos who need help relaxing, sleeping, focusing and more. Yin/Yang Yoga welcomes all levels and starts with vinyasa flow sequences followed by stretching postures designed to improve flexibility and movement.

For a real fun take on fitness, check out Cutting Edge Fitness’ zumba classes! This hour-long, cardio dance party has a Latin flair with sassy dance moves to work the core, legs, and arm muscles.

Other classes include: Boomer’s Spin, Intro to Spin, Spin and Core, Pilates, Qigong, and more.

There truly is a class for everyone at Cutting Edge Fitness. Stay on track to a happy and healthier you this vacation with classes at Cutting Edge Fitness.

Cutting Edge Fitness is located at 515 Broadway Street in Wisconsin Dells. For a complete schedule and more information head to their Facebook page or call (608) 448-9034.