Wisconsin Dells Hot Dogs Gaining Steam

What comes to mind when you think of Wisconsin?

Cheese? Beer? The Packers? What about The Dells?

Certainly not Chicago Style Hot Dogs…well, maybe not yet.

Located about 160 miles northwest of the Windy City, Wisconsin Dells is already known as a great family vacation destination. Consider its sizeable indoor water parks, mini-golf, amusement rides and a variety of restaurants and dining choices for the whole family. Now it is building a reputation for some doggone good dogs, including those Chicago style creations.

What is a Chicago style hot dog?

  • Legend has it Chicago style hotdogs came on the scene in 1929 as “the depression sandwich”. While there are nuances to Chicago style hot dogs, most aficionados would agree on the following:
  • They are steamed or boiled all-beef frankfurters.
  • They come on a steamed poppy seed bun (preferably from Chicago).
  • Garnishes include onions, sweet pickle relish, tomato slices, a dill pickle spear, and sport peppers.
  • Some will also include lettuce and cucumbers. There are even exotic versions that may include a handful of French fries in the sandwich.
  • What is NOT included? Ketchup. Don’t even think about it. The Chicago style hot dog is a one condiment kind of dog, and that condiment is mustard. Ketchup users are best served by grabbing a packet or two and finding an inconspicuous place to dine.

The Dells Hot-Diggity Dog Good Eating!

Wisconsin Dells has two particularly unique places to grab a great hot dog.

Hot Dog Avenue – Right across the street from Noah’s Ark, Hot Dog Avenue boasts 8 varieties of dogs including Chicago style, and a local favorite…The Green Bay Dog. This place takes its Chicago style hot dogs seriously. Hot Dog Avenue uses Vienna Beef hot dogs and it is open all year, so visitors can get Dells Chicago style dogs year round. Hot Dog Avenue also offers Philly Cheesesteak sandwiches, Gyros, salads and more. Dine outside and enjoy a view of America’s largest waterpark.

Rail Dog: What do you do with an original Milwaukee Road caboose circa 1956? Make a hot dog stand out of it of course! Rail dog serves Chicago style Vienna hot dogs with all the Chicago style ingredients. They also serve up some great polish sausages and, are you ready? The original Rail Dog polish tacos! Rail Dog is a fun, unique eatery located at the corner of Oak and Wisconsin, making it truly, a corner hot dog stand that is off the rails! Rail Dog is Open April through September, and on weekends in October, so catch this train before it leaves the station!

Along with the water parks and theme parks, nature is still a big draw of the Dells. Fall foliage is unforgettable and fall camping offers a little more solitude. The air is fresher and crispier, the sun a bit brighter, and the colors are brilliant. Fall is a perefct opportunity tor a visit to Wisconsin Dells.