Wisconsin Dells Better Than Ever Before

When people think of Wisconsin Dells, we think mainly of it as a tourist destination. We think of the Wisconsin River that carves a path through the beautiful sandstone formations and the many waterparks. Those of us that live in the Dells tell a different story. We are the restaurant owners, the attraction proprietors, the hotel keepers, store landlords, and homeowners.   We support our local schools, businesses, churches and the great people who run them. We are members of many different organizations, groups, and affiliations, but we are one. We are a community of hard-working, kind and compassionate people who stand behind their neighbors, co-workers, and friends.

Today we take a moment to honor the all the people that have to step out of their safe zones every day to go to work, the police,  fireman, rescue workers, doctors, nurses, health care workers and many more who risk their lives every day to help us and keep us all safe. We applaud the grocery store workers, food preparers, pharmacy workers and all essential businesses in our town that deliver our groceries, meals, and prescriptions to us.

Those of us confined to homes staying safe, look forward to a healthy summer season ahead and we will come out of this stronger and better than before. #WisconsinDellsStrong

With Love, Wisconsin Dells