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Winter Wears

Winter fashion is some of the most fun! Cozy knits and creative layers come together for months worth of mix-and-match outfits. From runway ready to casual Fridays, this years fashions are some of the best for personalized style.

  1. High Shine – A new twist on the leather trend from fall, high shine pieces are in for this winter. The best way to rock this trend is a high shine, knee-length skirt. Pastels or deeps, any color works well with this piece. Pair your high shine skirt with complimenting colors but nothing in the same hue so it really stands out for that eye-catching factor.
  2. Slogan Sweaters – These are actually perfect to pair with high shine skirts! A continuation of the word jewelry trend from fall, express yourself in a bolder way this season. From flirty statements like “ooh la la” to famous song lyrics such as “let it be”, these sweaters are fun, cozy and a perfect way to let your personality or current mood show.
  3. Animal Print – Faux-fur jackets and animal print scarfs help you stay extra warm this winter while still looking chic. Find an animal print cardigan that compliments your high shine skirt to flaunt two of this season’s biggest trends together. Throw a faux-fur jacket over a plain colored dress from your summer closet so you don’t have to wait for warmer weather to wear your summer favorites.
  4. Black and White – Less about patterns and textures and more about each of these colors as a solid, this look is incredibly trendy. Try black pants or jeans, with a mostly black or white (just a touch of the opposing color) flowy tank or blouse, and a white jacket. White or black shoes, preferably pumps, work well to pull this trend together. For a pop of color try a red or wine colored lip.
  5. Oxfords – Patterned oxfords are especially in this winter. To make these shoes really stand out, try pairing them with a solid colored outfit. They add a twist to the feminine look so a cozy sweater and knit scarf with a skirt and tights work well and make oxfords even more of a statement piece.
  6. Knee-Length Coats – If you’ll be spending time outside on a warmer winter day, these coats are a must! Absolutely adorable when they appear as a dress, knee-length coats are the ultimate feminine piece this winter. Don a dress or skirt shorter than the coat, tights, matching gloves, a cute headband or hat, and flats or pumps for a complete, “cozy cutie” look.
  7. Colored Coats – Finally! Winter coats in basic colors are getting so boring. Bring a much-needed pop of color to the winter scene with a colored coat this season. Brights and jewel tones are awesome color choices for this trend. Search for a coat in your favorite shade or try something new, either way you’ll love the brightness it brings to dull winter days.
  8. Standout Leggings – Sequins, leather and print, oh my! For a bolder look try full sequin or leather leggings. If you’re looking for more of a complimenting piece or just trying to ease yourself into this trend, try leggings with a strip of sequins or leather, maybe even in a color other than the legging material; pair these with long blouses. If you love sweater dresses, print leggings are a great way to make them look trendier.
  9. Polka Dots – Speaking of print leggings, polka-dot print would be a perfect way to combine two trends in one! Or get cozy in polka dots with fuzzy, sweaters and adorable tights. Polka dotted skirts and jeans make great statement pieces to pair with a solid-colored top. If polka dots aren’t quite your thing, try the trend with accessories such as a headband or scarf.
  10. Elbow Patches – This trend is one that can easily be personalized. If your style is feminine or trendy, try a sweater with sequin elbow patches. If your style is preppy or hipster, go for a jacket with elbow patches. This trend can also be dressed up for a night out or the workplace, or dressed down for a lunch date or lounging around the house. Clearly versatile, elbow patches might be subtle but they’re also fun and easily accessorized!

So put those holiday gift cards to good use and keep an eye out for these top 10 winter trends while shopping! You can find all of these and more at Tanger Outlet Mall in Wisconsin Dells.