Wednesday Night Wine And Appetizers

Wednesday nights, especially this time of year, can be dull. Now however, you have something to look forward to mid-week thanks to House of Embers and their Wednesday Night Wine & Appetizers! Occurring every other Wednesday, this event includes three incredible appetizers and perfectly paired wines to compliment each.

In between each Wednesday Night Wine & Appetizers, owner Mike Obois is busy preparing for the next event. He meets with the very talented House of Embers chefs to create each menu especially for Wednesday Night Wine & Appetizers. As unbelievably mouth-watering as these appetizers are, they are never anything available on the main menu; which makes these evenings all the more special and appealing.

Once the appetizers are chosen, Mike and his sister meet to choose which wines enhance the flavors of the appetizers best. Also not on the menu, these wines are exclusively for Wednesday Night Wine & Appetizers.

TONIGHT is Wednesday Night Wine & Appetizers! The menu includes: beet soup in roasted acorn squash with gaufrette potatoes, marinated honeyed shrimp tossed in rice noodles with feta cheese and herbs, and soy marinated elk with Korean barbeque, roasted autumn vegetable and potatoes.  These appetizers of course come with three perfectly complimenting, white and red wines.

Only $27, grab some friends or your significant other and make tonight an exciting Wednesday for once! Your taste buds will thank you as these appetizers and wines are sure to delight. Don’t forget to sign up for their email list to get an advanced peek at all upcoming events and Wednesday Night Wine & Appetizers menus.

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