Visit a Wisconsin Dells Supper Club!

This blog post was published on November 29, 2016 and may contain outdated information.

When you think of a traditional Supper Club, you might imagine a low-lit restaurant on a Friday night with a Wisconsin Fish Fry, a Korbel Brandy Old-Fashioned, and good friends. There are many qualities that make Wisconsin Supper Clubs unique! Here in Wisconsin Dells, we offer a few restaurants with that great Supper Club atmosphere. Check out our list of these Supper Clubs to visit on your next Wisconsin Dells vacation!

House of Embers has been a Dells dining tradition for over 54 years! Besides signature martinis, drinks, and ribs, House of Embers is known for their unique decor, symbolizing past Hollywood movies. Dine by the fireplace and enjoy one of their nightly dinner specials, or join them for an early Happy Hour. House of Embers offers a comfortable and warm dining experience.

The Del-Bar offers a great supper club atmosphere with delicious food and a phenomenal class. Have a drink at the bar and enjoy their fabulous Happy Hour, or sit in the main dining room and gaze out at Wisconsin Dells Parkway. The interior of Del-Bar is inspired by the late Frank Lloyd Wright.

Field’s at the Wilderness is known as the “Premier Steakhouse in Wisconsin Dells”, and is home to juicy steaks, amazing cocktails, and a fine ambiance. Try one of their signature appetizers, such as the Greek Chicken Quesadilla, or Prawn Cocktail, or order yourself a classic Cosmopolitan to go with your Friday Fish Fry! Field’s is kid-friendly and offers a special menu for children 12 and under.

Since 1953, Ishnala Supper Club has offered a relaxing and majestic dining experience overlooking Mirror Lake! Ishnala is open seasonally, usually from around early May to late October. This supper club has nailed the Wisconsin Supper Club feel, even offering signature Old-Fashions in custom low-ball glasses! The specialty entrees and great views make Ishnala a must-visit on your next Summer trip to Wisconsin Dells.

No matter what you’re craving, a Wisconsin Dells Supper Club is a traditional dining experience in the Dells. For a full list of restaurants in the area, visit: https://www.dells.com/restaurants/