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The Palace Theater Presents: Ring of Fire

April 2nd-May 3rd, June 15th-August 29th

The Palace Theater proudly presents a musical tribute to Johnny Cash: Ring of Fire. Directed by Warren Friedman, this fun, energetic show takes children and adults of all ages on a preview of Johnny Cash’s life through acting, singing, dancing, and the use of live instruments. The audience will feel part of the show as they take in the music made famous by Cash that has continued to entertain fans for years and years. Each song in the musical portrays a cool story from some point in the life of Johnny Cash. You’ll walk away from the show having a good time and humming his music for days to follow!

Ring of Fire is accompanied by a delicious meal 90 minutes before the show. Fresh baked bread and a garden tossed salad accompany the main entree, slow roasted pork ribs. The ribs are roasted to a delicate tenderness with zesty barbecue sauce and complimented with caramelized onions and a steamed vegetable medley. For dessert, a delicious Cowboy Black Chocolate Forest Torte with filling and chiffon frosted flavor will leave your taste palate feeling satisfied. A children’s menu and special dietary restrictions menu’s are available upon request.

For tickets and reservations, please call (608) 253-4000. More information on the palace theater is available at: