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Going on vacation this holiday season? Or simply don’t want to leave your precious pup alone while visiting Wisconsin Dells? Luckily we have several incredible pet hotels so your human family isn’t the only one to experience the vacation of a lifetime.

You can feel extra at ease boarding your pet at Noble Hound. Both a veterinary clinic and pet resort, your pets will be very well taken care of in case any medical emergencies were to arise. Conveniently located nearby Wilderness Resort and Kalahari, you can sleep comfortably knowing your beloved pet is just a hop skip and a bark away.

With 48 luxury suites ranging in three different sized, you can be sure your pet has all the comforts of home at Pampered Paws Pet Resort. They will get the best sleep of their lives after running around with new friends all-day and returning to their suite complete with their own sheepskin style bed at night. Some of the suites have doors that open to one another so when boarding multiple dogs; you know they will be side by side. Pet grooming is also offered so your pet will look their best when you are reunited.

Pet Retreat is just as is sounds, a luxury retreat for your pet. With 55 suites, 18 of which are themed, you can choose just what kind of vacation your pet will have. One of the suites even has a TV for pets that just can’t miss the latest episode of Grey’s Anatomy. Pet Retreat also has combined rooms and pet grooming as well. Your pet with be thoroughly pampered and spoiled so relax and enjoy your vacation while your pet enjoys theirs.

All of these locations have luxury kitty condos separate from the dog kennels so both cat people and dog people will be very satisfied with the care their pets receive. Contact any of these locations today and book a vacation in Wisconsin Dells your pets will thank you for.