The middle of September always marks a special weekend for Wisconsin Dells. Originally a weekend to celebrate the end of the summer season, it now brings together both locals and tourists for three days of crafts, rides, food, games and fun. This year’s festival seemed the most, well-attended  Wo-Zha-Wa to date and so many spectacular memories were made that even the most seasoned of Wo-Zha-Wa goers called this one the best yet!

All week long local kids peered excitedly down the side streets as the rides and games grew in size and number day by day. Artists from around the state began to arrive as well, preparing their booths for a long weekend of displaying and selling their one-of-a-kind creations. Last but not least, the food was cooked; beer trucks unloaded and parade acts arrived on the scene. Wo-Zha-wa weekend had officially begun.

Friday kicked off the three days with the opening of the concession stands, rides, games, antique flea market, and craft fair booths. Art and antique enthusiasts arrived at the crack of dawn to stake their claims on the best pieces. The smell of fair food filled the air including favorites such as kettle corn and funnel cakes as well as more unique delicacies like alligator on a stick.  The night heated up as eager kids were released from school and the workday was done. Soon the beer tents were full and the rides had lengthy lines; everyone was ready to jam as much Wo-Zha-Wa as possible into their weekends.

Saturday brought a whole new crowd for the four-mile run and half marathon. The ambitious athletes began the race at 8 a.m. Well, that’s one way to burn off the brats and beer. History was made this year when a female won the four mile race for the first time in Wo-Zha-Wa history! Teresa Stanley of Reedsburg, Wisconsin finished with a time of 25 minutes and seven seconds; breaking the previous record. The day continued on with more crafts, rides, food, games and fun and by noon the streets of downtown Dells were packed, not slowing until the early hours of the morning.

There is no better way to end the Wisconsin Dells’ most anticipated weekend than with a parade featuring 100 acts! Displaying glittering cows, prancing horses, massive floats, adorable dogs, Miller Park racing sausages and bands from across the state, the hour long parade dazzled the crowd. The grand finale was the most anticipated act of all; the South Shore Drill Team for Milwaukee gave a truly jaw dropping performance as they marched down Broadway to 10 foot tall speakers booming the latest beats.

Overall, it truly was a weekend to remember. Missed all the fun? Keep an eye on the official Wo-Zha-Wa website for next year’s dates or check out some of the memories caught on camera in the Wo-Zha-Wa Photo Gallery.