Take Time For the New Ruby Nouveau Wine

If you still haven’t decided what to do this weekend, let us help you out.  Wollersheim Winery, located just north of Madison in Prairie du Sac, is happy to present their newest wine, perfect for the holidays, Ruby Nouveau! This new vintage wine is made with Foch grapes, grown right on the Wollersheim estate, and the savory flavors of black raspberry and blueberries will fill your palette with each sip you take .  The festivities begin at 10:00 am and include tasting specialty wines and cheeses, live music and much more! Begin with a self-guided tour of the winery and finish up by relaxing with your new friend Ruby! The Ruby Nouveau tasting is open to the public and there is no admission fee. For more information regarding the Ruby Nouveau you can visit the Wollersheim Winery site.