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This blog post was published on June 27, 2011 and may contain outdated information.
Timbavati Big Cat Pens
The start of the big cat pens which can be viewed from all sides and cubs will be
available for photographs.

Big plans are in store for the Timbavati Wildlife Park which is is stampeding from their previous location at Storybook Gardens to what once was the site of Riverview Park and Water World, located at 700 US Highway 12. The overall project of turning a water park into a wildlife park will not be easy but owner Mark Schoebel is up to the task! The purpose is to create a more interactive park with high-quality exhibits, benefiting both the animals and audiences. Some habitats such as the tiger and giraffe pens will be open summer 2011. Other areas of the park are going to take a couple years to complete but rest assured it will be well worth the wait!

Timbavati is the only park in the state that houses some of the rare species of animals you will see, and maybe even interact with, upon your visit. The animals are mostly non-native species coming from locations all over the world including: South America, Africa, Asia and Australia. The most thrilling and hardly seen creatures are the white lions which come from the wildlife reserve in South Africa that inspired Timbavati’s name. In fact, these lions are so rare that less than 300 exist in the world! Some of the other animals you will find here are giraffes, alpacas, colobus monkeys, white tigers, lemurs, capybaras and macaws.

Future Aviary
The future site of the walk-through
exotic bird aviary.

Lovers of Goody Goody Gum Drop Candy Kitchen and go-kart rides do not have to fret because those particular amenities will stay as the park changes over; as will the location of the attraction entrance. However, almost everything else in the park will undergo a complete makeover, starting with the building of animal pens and the creation of the trail visitors will follow to see the various animal exhibits. One of the most exciting changes is the turnover of the waterslide staircase into a walk-through exotic bird aviary! Some of the pools will turn into water animal exhibits and the largest pool area will become the new location of the much enjoyed and loved wildlife show.

The wildlife show will soon return along with the unique petting zoo, the various photo opportunities with the animals and pig racing. For those who never visited Timbavati in summers past, the wildlife show provides a relaxed environment in which visitors can see and learn about some of the animals up-close. The show lasts around 30-45 minutes and gives audience members the rare chance to pet and take pictures with the participating animals. The petting zoo is one of the most exciting you will ever see as it is filled with baby zebras, kangaroos, anteaters and many more fascinating animals.

Timbavati Winding Path
The winding path that will soon lead visitors through most of the rare animal exhibits.

Animal lovers of all ages are encouraged to visit Timbavati to view the current animal exhibits, ride the go-karts, grab something sweet from Goody Goody Gum Drop Candy Kitchen and watch the growth of what is sure to be a very exciting and beautiful wildlife park. Donations are welcome with 100% of the proceeds going towards caring for the animals and building the most comfortable and lush habitats possible. Timbavati is hoping to soon instill an animal or exhibit sponsorship program.

For more information on Timbavati Wildlife Park and/or sponsorship contact them at 608-253-2391 or visit

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