Timbavati Wildlife Park


Love animals? Dig a good photo op? Wish life were a little more like The Jungle Book or The Lion King? If you do, you should stop wasting time and hit up the Timbavati Wildlife Park, a charming place where you and your children can commune with animals from all over the natural world while enjoying some healthy exercise and outdoor fun. Whether your tastes run more toward the big cats, in which case you'll appreciate our array of tigers, cougars and leopards, or perhaps in the direction of really tall animals such as giraffes, anyone? You'll like what we've got in store for you. With penguins, lemurs, orangutans, parrots and much, much more, this park doesn't skimp.

We boast a wildlife show, in which you'll see amazing animals engaging with the audience in unexpected and adorable ways. We've also got a train, to really get your kids' engines going, not to mention helping tired legs around our park. Do you love feeding the wildlife? Well then, bring the giraffes down to your level by giving these gentle giants handfuls of their favorite treats.

With more animals arriving, Timbavati is only getting better and better, so come on down and see what we have to offer. You can pay for entrance to the park, for a train ride, or for a combo pack that lessens the expense on both for parents and children! Easy to find on Wisconsin Dells Parkway (Highway 12 if you're using GPS), don't worry about missing us, just come and spend all day basking in the warmth of the animal kingdom.


  • Outdoor
  • Dry
  • Planned Activities

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