Dells Northwoods Lumberjack Show

Dells Northwoods Lumberjack Show is designed to be a family-friendly, hour-long show that will keep the attention of even the youngest of audience members. World champion athletes will come to the Dells to compete, many of which have been featured on ESPN’s coverage of the sport. It is a show the audience will not soon forget and that all visitors to the Dells will want to witness.

Wisconsin Dells is the perfect location for this type of entertainment and sport. Now known for it’s giant waterparks, resorts and attractions the area used to as a key logging rout. Large timber pines made their way south down the Wisconsin River right through this vacation hotspot. Logging has been a major part of Wisconsin’s history since the 1830’s learn more about Wisconsin logging history.


Show events will include:

  • Spring Board Chop
  • Relay
  • Log Roll
  • Boom Run
  • Speed Climb
  • Chainsaw Carve
  • Hot Saw
  • Obstacle Pole
  • Jack and Jill Crosscut Sawing
  • Axe Throw
  • Standing Block Chop

We’re extremely excited and proud that this show is in the area. We anticipate it being one of visitors favorite attractions for 2013!