Dells Chili Cookoff – 2013

On October 12th, people flocked to downtown Wisconsin Dells, following the delicious scent of chili. A sunny, beautiful autumn day, the Dells Chili Cookoff couldn’t have gone more perfectly. From pipin’ hot chili, to sweet and of course, cheesy, there was chili for everyone! There was also a competition for best salsa. Yum! Add some awesome cowboy themed entertainment, an incredible band, mechanical bull riding and more; it was a weekend of fun and food! Missed out on the Dells Chili Cookoff? Here’s a list of the winners:

1 Mike Olshanski – No Beans About Us
2 Steve Pierce – Capsaicin Crew
3 Tom Haagensen

Top 10 Salsa
1. Casa De Picante
2. Capsaicin Crew
3. No Beans About Us
4. Wild Hogs
5. (Tie) Happy Hour Chilis & Steffass Chili
6. Tom Haagenson
7. (Tie) Chalet Lanes & Pig, Pork, Bacon, Kevin Bacon
8. (Tie) American Legion, Famous Dave’s, Happy Chili, Wilderness Resort
9. (Tie) Allen Herget, Cedar Creek Chili, All American Chili, Big Moe’s Chili, Underground Butcher, Honey Badger

Top 10 Peoples Choice
1 Brad Bruzynski – Pig Pork Bacon Kevin Bacon
2 Lisa Hitchcock- Wilderness Resort
3. Chalet Lanes
4. Big Moe’s
5. Tom Haagenson
6. Casa De Picante
7. Wild Hogs
8. Capsaicin Crew
9. Allen Herget
10. (Tie) Happy Hour Chili & Cedar Creek Chili

1. Doug Reed – Steffass Chili
2. Richard Geiger- Sweet Evil
3. Bill Pierson – Happy Chili

Top 10 Traditional
1. Sandy Weber – Cedar Creek Chili
2. Danielle Dorsey – Casa de Picante
3. Bill Pierson – Happy Chili
4. Brad Bruzynski – Pig, Pork, Bacon,Kevin Bacon
5. Richard Geiger – Sweet Evil
6. Paul Beloungy – All American Chili
7. Brad Kok – Wild Hogs
8. Brett Schumacher – Sirius Chili
9. Lisa Hitchcock – Wilderness Resort
10. Steve Pierce – Capsaicin Crew

Top 10 CASI
1. Bill Pierson – Happy Chili
2. Brad Bruzynski – Pig, Pork, Bacon,Kevin Bacon
3. Sandy Weber – Cedar Creek Chili
4. Lisa Hitchcock – Wilderness Resort
5. Richard Geiger – Sweet Evil
6. Aaron Gallego – Honey Badger
7. Steve Pierce – Capsaicin Crew
8. Paul Beloungy – All American Chili
9. Scott Meskin – Underground Butcher
10. Brad Kok – Wild Hogs

Keep an eye on so you don’t miss out on one of the yummiest weekends in the Dells, The Chili Cookoff! Have an unbelievably perfect chili recipe? Be sure to sign up to compete next year. Good luck!