November Movie Preview

It’s that time of year everyone…the release of the holiday movies! Usually the best flicks of the year come out around this time and November is jam-packed with exciting cinema masterpieces!

Last Vegas:

A star packed cast, this movie features Michael Douglas, Morgan Freeman, Kevin Kline and Robert DeNiro as four best friends who reunite and head to Las Vegas for Douglas’ bachelor party. While this movie has been called a “mellow version of The Hangover”, it’s still good for a few laughs. Released on November 1st, see what sort of trouble these four can cook up in the city of sin.

About Time:

This is a romance movie to make even the toughest heart melt. Starring the ultimate girl next door, Rachel McAdams and loveable Irishman, Domhnall Gleeson, this flick proves that true love can conquer all, even time. Released on November 1st, “About Time” has been called “charming and touching.” Fall in love with this adorable couple again and again as Geelson continuously travels back in time to win McAdams’ heart.

Thor-The Dark World:

In this sequel, Thor (Chris Hemsworth) must team up with his nemesis brother Loki (Tom Hiddleston) to save the universe from being plunged into darkness. Adding a sly humor to the script, “Thor-The Dark World” is said to be better than the original. Loki is definitely a favored character, which is surprising, given his previously evil status. Released on November 8th, find out if Thor and Loki’s unlikely partnership is enough to conquer their enemies.

Catching Fire:

A rebellion is simmering below the surface, about to burst into flame at any moment, and both Katniss and President Snow know it. Katniss and Peeta discover just how heated things are getting as they embark on the victory tour through the districts of Panem. Then it comes time for the 75th annual Hunger Games, also known as The Quarter Quell, when Katniss and Peeta’s lives will be changed forever. Can they survive this time? Join Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson on November 22nd as they star in the sequel to “The Hunger Games”.


Coming out on November 27th, “Frozen” is the perfect Thanksgiving Day family flick. Another cherished Disney animated film; this comedic adventure follows heroes Anna and Kristoff as they try to save their beloved kingdom Arendelle from the ice queen Elsa. Even fretful, frozen tundra isn’t enough to deter these two from stopping an eternal winter. Starring Kristen Bell, this movie is sure to make audiences of all ages smile.

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