Let’s Go Ziplining!

Looking for a pulse-pounding, adrenaline rushing adventure you won’t soon forget? Come to Wisconsin Dells and get your thrill on with a variety of high-flying zipline tours in the area.

Zipline adventures are growing in popularity across the country as families look for bonding experiences that challenge both young and old alike. Ziplining builds confidence while combining the thrill of an amusement park with the breathtaking beauty of nature. Ziplining has entire families high-fiving with ear to ear smiles. Starting at a high point, each zipline cable provides a path to the next step. Riders are securely harnessed to each cable and glide from location to location. The steepness of the cables provides varying speeds and thrills, as riders fly over and through trees and canyons.

All ages leave feeling empowered and with a new sense of joy. Whether you are looking to conquer a fear of heights, cross something off your bucket list or simply searching for your next great adventure, ziplining offers thrills hard to duplicate. Wisconsin Dells’ natural scenery has it quickly becoming a year round attraction, offering three separate adventures providing a variety of ziplining experiences.

Bigfoot Zipline Tours

A fun, energetic team of Sky Ranger Guides help provide laughs and confidence at Bigfoot Zipline Tours. While traveling this 5,000 foot world class zipline course, even first-timers are encouraged to learn tricks including how to zipline like Spider-Man and flip all the way around! Bigfoot features 6 signature ziplines that provide 40 mile per hour thrills. Helmet cams can provide riders with some unique views of their adventures as well! Some great long runs and entertaining guides keep the smiles coming at Wisconsin Dells’ Bigfoot Zipline Tours.

Bigfoot Zipline Tours provides year round excitement, yes, even in the snow! For more information and for some extreme videos, visit their website.

Wilderness Resort

Wilderness Canyon Zipline Tours at the Wilderness Resort provides great family fun and excitement with 6 zipline towers that connect making a zipline adventure totaling over 8 football fields in length! With a tall tower of 60 feet, and a canyon floor that is 55 feet down, there are some thrilling views. Take the plunge with your family and watch as the canyon rushes below your feet. One particularly exciting run of this popular attraction spans over 900 feet in length! Safety focused, pleasant tour guides keep the tours fun and interesting.

Wilderness Canyon Zipline Tours are available for guests of Wilderness Resort and are also open to the public. Zipliners may also be interested in the Northern Lights Skyrope Course perched 30 feet above the Wilderness Resort’s mega arcade in the resort’s Wild West Region. Visit their website for more details.

Vertical Illusions

The Chimney Rock Zipline at Wisconsin Dells is a back-to-nature adventure that will have you and your family zipping off cliffs, over canyons and through the canopy of Chimney Rock Park. You start out hiking with your guides to the Park’s Chimney Rock Castle. You’ll enjoy views up to 125 miles from your perch 500 feet up. Then, you’ll zip down Sunset Cliff, around Mid-Day Cliffs and through the Pine Forest on your zip lining journey lasting over two hours. The Chimney Rock Zipline offered by Vertical Illusions, is a 14 line “tree to tree” adventure without ever touching the ground! You’ll fly over 100 feet above the canyon floor at speeds approaching 50 miles per hour. They ask you to please leave your camera behind as their guides provide complimentary CDs following your tour.

Vertical Illusions also offers rock climbing and kayaking for those looking for even more adventure. Full details on Vertical Illusions Chimney Rock Zipline are found on their website.

Heightened Adventures

Located at Chula Vista Resort, Heightened Adventures let’s you zip across six acres of land and navigate through 7 different zip lines on a self guided tour. You’ll pass over the classic Wisconsin Dells sandstone and see the natural beauty of the area. If you’re a guest at Chula Vista Resort, you’ll receive admission at a discounted rate.

Wisconsin Dells Ziplining Tips

Contact the zipline attraction of your choice in advance to find out about reservations. These attractions are very popular, and reservations may be required, depending on the season.

You may also want to visit their websites and search for available discounts. Again, depending on the season, there may be attractive discounts being offered. Looking for a lifetime of memories in a few hours? Wisconsin Dells has them with a choice of high flying aerial adventures. Discover ziplining at The Dells!