Bigfoot Zipline Tours


If you want a fun, exciting full day activity for the whole family some weekend when the weather is nice, check out Bigfoot Zipline Tours in Wisconsin Dells. You've most likely heard of a zipline before and the word alone makes the activity sound like a lot of fun but, have you ever actually done it? People have talked about doing it at camps or in exotic jungles, but no one thinks to look up an activity like this when they are in Central Wisconsin.

Bigfoot Zipline Tours entails a little daring and a whole lot of excitement: you'll put on a harness, climb up into a tree and attach yourself to a heavy duty cable that is secured between two trees on Bigfoot Island, just north of Sasquatch Lake. You will suspended between ten and one hundred feet above the ground at times, zipping at speeds of up to 40 miles per hour over the lake and through the tree tops, feel like a bird sees as it flies through the forest. There are numerous platforms of different heights so each zipline is an entirely new experience.

You are always welcome at Bigfoot Zipline Tours but reservations are highly recommended, especially for larger groups. The price per person is $89 for the ticket to ride the six ziplines on the property, with lengths varying between 462 feet and 1,397 feet. The lines stretch through the woods, over Sasquatch Lake itself and even side by side, so groups can race each other. Accommodations are also located nearby so a group can spend the entire day and night in the area enjoying the beautiful outdoors of Central Wisconsin. Bigfoot Zipline Tours is also open year-round, giving guests an entirely different experience in both the summer and the winter.


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