WildThing Jet Boats


Whether you live or are just visiting the upper Midwest part of the United States, a visit to Wisconsin Dells is a must. The Dells offers an abundance of tourist attractions and natural beauty. WildThing Jet Boats offers one of the best ways possible to see this beauty up close.

WildThing Jet Boats use 1,200-horsepower jet boats that can carry up to 40 passengers for a thrilling ride through the Wisconsin Dells area. On your trip with WildThing, you will see breathtaking views of natural beauty, lots of wildlife, and water - plenty of water. More than 20,000 gallons per minute whizzing by as the boat cruises through the Upper Dells Glacier Park on the Wisconsin River.

Our boat captains at WildThing Jet Boats know how to show you a fantastic time. On your journey, expect to get wet. Our captains will provide numerous thrills as they show you what our jet boats can do, such as 360-degree spins, power stops, and vast amounts of water spray -- which occasionally comes into the boat. It's all part of the fun at WildThing Jet Boats, where our motto is: 50 percent fast, 50 percent slow, 100 percent fun!

Include WildThing Jet Boats as part of your next visit to Wisconsin Dells today. Our ticket office is located at 1550 Wisconsin Dells Parkway in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin, just off of Interstate 90 (exit 92 southbound, exit 87 northbound). You can reach us at (608) 254-6080. From mid-May until Labor Day, we have two two-hour tours daily, one leaving at 11 a.m. and the other leaving at 3 p.m. After Labor Day, we have one tour that leaves at 1:30 p.m. Those tours are available through September and part of October, weather permitting.

Reservations are recommended as those 40 seats fill up quick. Come enjoy the excitement with WildThing Jet Boats.

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