It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane…It’s a Giant Animal on a Delivery Car?

No you’re not dreaming, only in Wisconsin Dells would there be a giant moose and buffalo sitting on top of cars as they deliver delicious food right to your door. Many visitors have called this the best thing they see on their trips to The Dells. Funny, intriguing and photogenic, here’s the scoop on these food-delivering creatures.

Moosejaw’s delivery service has become so popular, they now have five delivery vehicles and each sporting a life sized moose. Originally, the delivery cars were two Volkswagen bugs; one green and one red. While those are still part of the herd, it’s awesome how much both Moosejaw and their unique delivery service have grown in their stellar reputation. FREE delivery service, Moosejaw brings anything on their extensive menu right to your door. The most popular item however, is their unbelievably delicious pizza! While all of them are mouth-wateringly amazing, we recommend the taco pizza. For the delivery number and menu head to: www.dellsmoosejaw.com.

Fun Fact: “We call our delivery cars ‘Bio-Bugs’ because they use bio-diesel, which comes from renewable resources. It’s made either from crops such as soybeans or corn, or at the Moosejaw, from recycled kitchen fryer oil.  It pollutes remarkably less than petroleum fuel and could potentially free the U.S. from its’ dependence on foreign oil. The Bio-Bugs get about 45 miles to the gallon, just as they would using diesel fuel.”

Newer to The Dells area is Buffalo Phil’s. Their mascot obviously being the buffalo, it’s no surprise that their delivery vehicle sports a life-sized model. While this buffalo is a lone ranger for now, we are sure more will join its’ gang soon. Mostly known for its’ train delivered food, Buffalo Phil’s southern cooking and one-of-a-kind delivery vehicle are quickly gaining steam. If you really want a feel for their faire, order something of the “south of the border” menu. However, the rotisserie chicken and buffalo burgers are a huge hit as well. Kids will love the “lil’ buckaroo” meals. They also offer FREE delivery! Check out the menu and get the delivery numbers here: www.buffalophilsgrille.com

The food at both Moosejaw and Buffalo Phil’s is incredibly delicious, so you can’t go wrong if you decide to order a meal for a cozy night in. However, you can also make a game out of spotting these hilarious vehicles while cruising around The Dells! If you miss them while on your trip, don’t leave before stopping by Moosejaw or Buffalo Phil’s and snapping a pic. It’s definitely one for the photo albums.






Buffalo Phil’s