High in the Sky Waterslides in Wisconsin Dells

As you’re climbing the slide tower, your heart starts pounding. The feeling of adrenaline is making its way through your entire body. “Eeeeeeek!” You hear the screams from riders currently going down the slide. As you approach the top of the tower, you think to yourself “I’ve got this!” and your bravery is setting in. 3! 2! 1! GO! You plummet an almost vertical drop to the bottom of the slide. As you come to a stop and step out from the slide, the only thing going through your head is “Let’s do that again!”

If you’re a thrill seeker and not afraid of heights, we’ve got some slides for you to try. Many of the waterparks in Wisconsin Dells offer tall and exciting slides for teenagers and older thrill seekers. Here’s our list of a few exhilarating high in the sky waterslides to ride in Wisconsin Dells:

The Point of No Return and The Scorpion’s Tail at Noah’s Ark Waterpark

(Both 10 stories tall!)

“10 stories up, 5 seconds down” is what people are saying for The Point of No Return. Slide down and hold your breath as you feel like you’re free falling to the bottom! Ever since the slide opened in 2001, The Point of No Return has been keeping visitors coming back to Noah’s Ark Waterpark to experience the ultimate thrill and terror that the slide offers!

Cross your arms over your chest on the Scorpion’s Tail as the floor drops beneath you and you’re immediately plummeting on this looping waterslide at up to 50 feet per second! Talk about excitement! Being America’s first nearly-vertical looping waterslide, the Scorpion’s Tail is only for the brave!

Demon’s Drop and Dragon’s Tail at Mt. Olympus Outdoor Theme Park & Water Park

(85 feet tall!)

The heart-stopping experience of Demon’s Drop is pretty much an almost vertical drop! Cross your arms and prepare to slide down 85 feet of waterslide and experience a complete free-fall sensation! Demon’s Drop hits the top of the thrill meter. 

Glide down 7 stories of pure waterslide with 2 slight hilly bumps on the Dragon’s Tail. This ride is not as fast as a usual speed slide, but you’ll still feel your heart drop as you plunge to the bottom!

Durango Drop at Chula Vista Resort

(8 Stories tall!)

Chula Vista Resort’s tallest slide, the Durango Drop is a 350 feet long extreme body slide. Make it from the summit to the bottom in just seconds! The ride ends with sliding into 15 inches of water; just enough to skim across the surface before coming to a stop!

The Hurricane at Wilderness Hotel & Golf Resort

(6 Stories tall!)

This is the ultimate family thrill ride! Sit in the tube with 2-4 people and start out down the slide. After about 10 seconds of majestic lights and sounds, the tube drops down into a large funnel that slides back and forth, as if mimicking a hurricane. Hang on to your tube, as you get the feeling of weightlessness when reaching the sides of the funnel! Eventually, you all peacefully slide to a complete stop at the bottom of the ride!

Tufani Falls at Kalahari Resort

(60 feet tall!)

Back in 2011, Kalahari Resort had to literally “raise the roof” of their indoor water park to add 3 waterslides as part of an attraction known as Tufani Falls. The Falls consist of the Screaming Hyena, and 2 racer slides known as the Sahara Sidewinders. The Screaming Hyena is an almost vertical drop where the floor falls beneath you before you fall to the bottom. On the Sahara Sidewinders, pick a friend to race and stand up as the countdown starts. 3, 2, 1! The floor falls beneath you and you’re racing through the winding slides to see who reached the end first!

If you want excitement, you will find it in Wisconsin Dells. Most of the Waterparks in the Dells offer slides, rides, and attractions for children and adults of all ages. For more information on the waterparks in Wisconsin Dells, please visit: