Those looking for a little extra thrill at the waterparks this summer won’t be disappointed! Extreme waterslides have been the latest additions to many of the waterparks around Wisconsin Dells. Plummet straight down, flip through loop-de-loops, and fly around corners on the most intense waterslides you will ever experience!

You’re 5 stories up in a launch capsule, the floor gives way, and suddenly – you drop! Whether you go upside down or straight to the bottom is up to you on Wilderness Resort’s newest waterslides: The Lunar Loop and The Cosmic Drop. Do you have what it takes? Head to Lost World Waterpark to find out!

The Swahali Swirl at Kalahari Resort will spin you around at high speeds before plunging down into the cool waters waiting below! Try to hang on tight as this rushing vortex is relentless. Zambezi outdoor waterpark also features Extreme Rush. Think you’re fast? Race your friends and family through these high-speed, twisting waterslides.

This one is definitely not for the faint of heart: Demon’s Drop at Mt. Olympus is 85 feet long…and STRAIGHT down! Take a deep breath before you “free fall” into the unknown at great speeds. If you make through this one, Zeus himself will be proud.

Will you make it out of the belly of the beast? Black Anaconda at Noah’s Ark Waterpark will swallow you whole as you fly through twists and turns on the only water coaster in Wisconsin Dells! Take on this great snake if you dare—but beware we heard it’s poisonous…

We always try to take things to the next level in Wisconsin Dells and there is no shortage of extreme waterslides here. Try them all if you think you have the courage…just don’t forget to pack your bravery!