Heat Up the Chilly Fall Days at Wisconsin Dells’ Hottest Clubs

This blog post was published on November 9, 2012 and may contain outdated information.

Just because the weather is cooling down does not mean the Wisconsin Dells nightlife does. Turn up the heat at Marley’s or Wett; two of the areas premier dance club locations. With their pulsing beats, flashing lights and multiple levels, the Dells is the place to come for the party and stay for the night of your life.

Marley’s, located nearby some of the area’s best waterpark resorts, is a Caribbean themed restaurant turned club as the sun goes down. This is the place to get that tropical vacation feeling without breaking the bank. Enter to a giant ship-shaped bar immersing you into an undersea party with the ocean’s hottest sea life. A sunken dance floor dominates the center so you can have plenty of space to break out your gangnam style moves. Cool off at the tented, outdoor bar or hit the Submarine Bar for the night’s two-for-one drink special. Looking for something a little more exclusive? Purchase a VIP pass and head upstairs to the bubble bar. Tables surround the deck so you can look down on the dance floor for the perfect view to watch everyone’s um…interesting technique during the dance contests. Throwing a bachelor or bachelorette party, birthday, or have something else to celebrate? Contact Marley’s today to learn more about their VIP seating areas complete with bottle service so you and your friends can feel like celebrities for a night out you will never forget.

Try a little Las Vegas on for size at Wett. Located nearby Mt. Olympus, this dance club offers a taste of sin city itself. The centrally located DJ booth often features a rising DJ on the weekends. They even had Havana Brown guest DJ for a celebrity filled weekend the Dells will never forget. Be sure to look up, dancers are located around the dance floor shaking it to the beat. One is even working it under the spray of a shower! Want to step into their shoes? An amateur shower is available for you to have your spotlight moment. If you’re not quite ready, the spacious dance floor circling the DJ booth allows for plenty of space for you to dance round and round all night long. Two indoor bars make it convenient for you to get your drink or shot of choice. Want the VIP treatment? The upstairs is exclusive for VIP only and includes full bottle service. Contact Wett today to reserve your spot. Be sure to check it out for an incredible evening. As they say, “come dry and leave wet.”

For a truly incredible evening, check out both Marley’s and Wett for a night of delectable drinks, endless dancing and amazing memories (or maybe not depending on how much fun you have). While you are sure to have the night of your life, don’t forget to be safe. There are always cabs available and both clubs offer a shuttle to and from any hotel. So come to Wisconsin Dells today and heat up this chilly weather at the hottest nightclubs. You won’t find places, or nights, like these anywhere else in Wisconsin!