Ghoulish Attractions in Wisconsin Dells

Ghoulish attractions in The Dells are not for those who spook easily. From things that go bump in the night along the eerie Wisconsin River, to haunted houses complete with torture chambers, visit Wisconsin Dells this October where your worst nightmares come to life!

It’s not surprising that Witches Gulch gets its name from supposed haunted happenings. Legend tells of a witch who stalked the Wisconsin River at night. She returns every year during fall, and doesn’t like to be disturbed. Step aboard Ghost Boat Season of the Witch this month for a one and a half hour cruise of terrors and embark on a journey through the witch’s lair. Be careful…rumor has it she’s looking for eternal company!

Ever wonder what it would be like to survive a zombie apocalypse? Test your skills at Dells Zombie Outbreak. A combination of laser tag excitement and haunted house chills. Your task is to survive an army base camp overrun with zombies! Equip yourself with one of several equipment packages and wind your way through the maze-like military interior. Your undead shooting stats will be revealed upon completion of the attraction. Do you have what it takes to survive?

Face your fears as you venture through 18 chambers of horror at Ghost Outpost Haunted House. Not for the faint of heart, you’ll come face-to-face with a man-eating rat, a devilish hellhound, eels, a torture chamber, vortex room and more! The horror chambers are enhanced and updated yearly, so expect the unexpected at Ghost Outpost Haunted House.

Nightmares come to life just a short drive from Wisconsin Dells at the Dark Side of House on The Rock. Where the displays are already slightly chilling, they seem to take on a menacing look during the night. If china dolls already give you the creeps, we dare you to enter their special room. Next, venture through the devils throat and see a whole new side of their eerie, old carousel. Be sure to keep an eye out for the four horsemen…they don’t have a forgiving side for those who disturb them. Open Friday and Saturday nights in October, and of course Halloween, this is one haunted house that will haunt you for some time to come.

Think you can handle these attractions? Plan a visit to Wisconsin Dells and test how well you face your greatest fears.