Get your Ice Cream and Frozen Yogurt!

Cooling off at a Wisconsin Dells Waterpark sounds like a great idea on a hot summer day. One way I like to cool off is by getting myself an ice cream cone! If you’re in the mood for a cold treat on a hot day, here’s where you can satisfy your sweet tooth in the Dells.

At The Frozen Bear, enjoy many different flavors of frozen yogurt as well as shakes, malts, Italian Ice, gelato, and custard! Fill your cup or waffle cone with as much frozen yogurt as you want, add some delicious dry toppings or other fruits, candies, nuts and cereal. Next, you weigh it at the weigh station and then enjoy your delicious treat! Frozen bear is located at 326 Broadway in Downtown Wisconsin Dells.

Located outside of Bobbers Island Grill, Two Scoops Ice Cream Shop offers 24 delicious flavors of Cedar Crest ice cream! Add some toppings and dress up your cone or dish. On a hot day, enjoy two scoops after your meal on the patio at Bobbers! There are flavors for everyone’s liking!

Goody Goody Gum Drop has a large variety of gelato, ice cream, and other candies! There’s something to satisfy any and every sweet tooth. There’s even a cotton candy vending machine! Goody Goody Gum Drop is the perfect place to grab a treat before walking along the Dells strip!

Cold Stone Creamery is an experience like no other! Choose from 20 signature ice cream creations or create your own! The topping you add to your ice cream are pressed right in front of you!

Culver’s Frozen Custard is is home to Malts, Concrete Mixers, and of course, delicious creamy custard! Choose from chocolate, vanilla, or their Flavor of the Day! Add your toppings and enjoy your treat after trying a delicious Butterburger.

Dairy Queen offers ice cream, DQ cakes, and my favorite, Blizzards! A Blizzard is like a thick ice cream shake! I usually mix in Oreo’s and chocolate sauce for my frosty concoction! You can find Dairy Queen both on Broadway in Downtown Wisconsin Dells and on Wisconsin Dells Parkway next to Dells Mining Company.

Orange Leaf features over a dozen different flavors of frozen yogurt! After you choose which kind you’d like, head on over to their toppings bar and add fruit, cookies, and candies. Then weigh your cup and taste the deliciousness!

This is just a sample of where to enjoy cool treats and ice cream in the Dells. Check out the desserts and other treats at some of the Wisconsin Dells area restaurants by visiting: https://www.dells.com/restaurants/