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Find Adventure in the Frozen Tundra While Visiting Wisconsin Dells

This blog post was published on January 10, 2013 and may contain outdated information.

Don’t settle for the ordinary during your trip to Wisconsin Dells; take your family and friends on the adventure of their lives! Fly 100 feet high above the canopy of Wisconsin pines on 15 consecutive zip lines. That’s right, with Vertical Illusions you can zip line in the wintertime! Reaching speeds up to 50 mph, you and your party can experience the area’s only eco-friendly zip line.

Strap on your snowshoes and venture through the wilderness where you will experience views from some of Wisconsin’s highest bluffs where you can see for 120 miles! You guides will entertain you with fun facts and stories about the area and point out any interesting creatures or plant life that cross your path.

When you finally ditch the snowshoes you will soar through the crisp winter air, off of cliffs, over canyons, and across the winter wonderland that Wisconsin has become. Ideal for any age or skill level, all you need is two hours of your time and you will get one unforgettable experience! Now all we need is a good Wisconsin snowstorm.

Looking for something more daring? Just for adults, and available only during the months of January and February, is the adventure of ice climbing. With Vertical Illusions, you, your family and your friends can climb 40’ waterfalls and experience absolutely breathtaking views. Don’t fret, the guides are very professional and highly skilled, guaranteeing your safety. Experience Wisconsin like never before and cross something extreme off your New Years bucket list; book an ice climbing adventure today!

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