The Dog Days of Summer Are Here. Enjoy Some Frozen Yogurt to Cool Off!

This blog post was published on August 16, 2017 and may contain outdated information.

When those hot days hit the Dells in late summer, there’s one cool treat we can count on to cool us off, Frozen Yogurt! This low-fat alternative to Ice Cream is delicious both with and without toppings and is a great snack on a hot, summer day. Below are some of our favorite stops where you can enjoy FroYo in Wisconsin Dells.

Located in Downtown Wisconsin Dells, The Frozen Bear offers self-serve yogurt as well as gelato, sorbet, Italian ice, custard & more! For topping, choose from many different fruits, cereals, and candies to top your creation. Enjoy your tasty treat as you walk up and down Broadway, or relax in their outdoor seating area. Either way, Frozen Bear is the place to cool off on a hot day!

Orange Leaf features over a dozen different flavors of frozen yogurt! After you choose which kind you’d like, head on over to their toppings bar and add fruit, cookies, and candies. Then weigh your cup and taste the deliciousness! Orange Leaf is located at Stonewood Crossing, just across from Outlets at the Dells.

Cold Stone Creamery is an experience like no other! Choose from 20 signature ice cream and frozen yogurt creations! Pick out the topping you’d like to add to your yogurt, and watch as the artists press them together on their marble counter. These tasty treats are best enjoyed while out enjoying the hot sun!

At the Kalahari Indoor Theme Park, Chill Factory is a self-serve Frozen Yogurt bar with many different flavors and toppings. Take a break from mini golfing, bowling, and all of the other activities at the Indoor Theme Park and head on over to Chill Factory for a quick break.

Yukon Yogurt is located in the Klondike Boardwalk at the Wilderness Resort and is perfect for refueling after a day at the waterparks. Choose from 15 flavors of yogurt or sorbet, and add your favorite toppings, such as nuts, fruit, crushed candy bars, and chocolate or caramel sauce!

Okay, now we’re hungry! If you enjoy spending time outdoors, checkout the best outdoor patios to dine on in Wisconsin Dells.