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Dells Travel October Post of the Month

Andrea Stark and her family love vacationing in the Dells. “Having so many entertainment options close by is awesome,” Andrea told us. As frequent return visitors, it’s great to know that there is always something new to see or do.

Stark Family

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An Abundance of Entertainment Options

Traveling with a big family usually means fighting to find activities that everyone will enjoy. But there is no end to the number of things to see and experience in the Dells.

When you’re in need of some family team building, there is no better way to bond than teaming up to take down the other players in laser tag.

Stark Family

Laser Tag Adventures!

Every family also needs some friendly competition, for which there is no better solution than go-kart racing!

Stark Family

Go-Kart Racing!

When you run out of gas, you’ll find an endless amount of places to cool off with a refreshing drink and a bite to eat.

Stark Family

Family Dinner

When Dining Out, Gluten-Free Options are a Must

Thanks to allergies, sometimes eating out can be difficult if restaurants don’t offer gluten-friendly options. On their most recent trip, Andrea and her family visited Moosejaw Pizza and Wisconsin Brew Pub, both of which were happy to accommodate. Moosejaw actually offers a completely gluten-free menu, and you certainly can’t go wrong with free moose antlers!

Stark Family

Moosejaw Fun!

A Weekend to Remember

Travel might look different this year, but thanks to the adaptability of business owners in the Dells and visitors alike, the ability to have fun and make memories here isn’t going anywhere. “We can’t wait to start planning our next trip,” Andrea said.

Big thanks to Andrea Stark for sharing her Dells vacation photos and story with us! Tag #visitwisconsindells in your pictures for a chance to be featured next month on our blog!