Dells Coaster Mayhem

Are you a thrill seeker? Do you love fun and excitement? If you answered yes to both of those questions, then you’ll enjoy all of the “coasters” that are offered around the Dells. Whether you’re a fan of loops, heights, speed, or even water, we’ve got roller coasters and water coasters for your liking! Both kids and adults will enjoy these great Dells coasters!

At Timber Falls Adventure Park, the Hellcat Roller Coaster offers twists, 90 degree turns, and a 10 story drop! As you’re cruising around the track, check out the log flume, abandoned airplane, and water volcano that the coaster surrounds! When you’re at the top, you’re sure to get a great view of the Kilbourn Dam and Wisconsin River. This coaster is for anyone 46” or taller!

The Outdoor Theme Park at Mt. Olympus Resort is packed with coasters for all age groups! Hades 360 is the world’s first upside-down looping wooden roller coaster and travels at speeds up to 70mph!  The first drop has a height of 140 feet and the tracks actually travels underground during the ride! Right next to Hades 360 is Zeus! Zeus ascends and descends a few different hills, featuring one that’s 90 feet high and plunges 60mph down an 85 foot drop! Both of these coasters are for older kiddos and adults 48” or taller. Other roller coasters at Mt. Olympus include Cyclops, Pegasus, and the Little Titans Rollercoaster!

Not all of the coasters in the Dells are on a dry track. Being known for our waterparks, Wisconsin Dells features some water coasters that are sure to raise your adrenaline levels.

The Black Anaconda waterslide at Noah’s Ark Waterpark® sends you downhill in your tube at 30 miles per hour! Rushing waters send you up six different humps and back down again on your water coaster ride. The Black Anaconda is a half waterslide, half water coaster. Be prepared to scream! Also at Noah’s Ark Waterpark, Flash Flood is a water coaster log ride that sends 20 people at a time up a track, around the bend, and then plunging down at top speeds to create a giant wave!

At Chula Vista Resort, the Flyan Mayan water coaster sends you around the indoor waterpark for a birds eye view of the activity below. The Flyan Mayan is the world’s fastest and longest up hill indoor water roller coaster! Chula Vista’s 80,000 square foot indoor waterpark is great for all ages!

The Master Blaster at Kalahari Resort & Convention Center was the first Indoor one of its kind in the USA. Travel 570 feet in your tube up and down hills on the slide while cruising above the basketball pool, lazy river, and Victoria Falls raft ride!

As you can see, there are many “coasters” to enjoy in the Dells. Check out more fun activities at: