“The Wisconsin Dells surely is a place filled with adventure! I haven’t been to any other town quite like it. The pure assortment of unique places to go and things to see made it the perfect location to start my first travel blog. I mean, along with the opportunity to look at the beautiful dells rock formations along the Wisconsin River, where else can you go and see replicas of a Mayan temple, the Trojan Horse, as well the White House turned upside down — all on one stretch of road!” This was Chris Dearman’s response when asked what makes Wisconsin Dells so adventurous.

Chris Dearman is a very talented writer landing pieces in USA Today, The Chicago Sun-Times, The Elgin Courier, The Daily Herald, The Northwest Herald and The MidWeek. He is also a published author of the book “Santa’s Village Gone Wild.” After living in Illinois and Florida, Dearman settled in Wisconsin Dells of all places. But after his above description of the Dells, who can blame him?

Wisconsin Dells is also Dearman’s inspiration for his latest writing project: a blog titled “Dells Bucket List.” A behind the scenes look at some of Wisconsin Dells’ many restaurants, bars and attractions. Some of his latest scoops include: Dells Raceway Park, Captain Ron’s Original Dells and Wildthing Jet Boats, and Watson’s Woods.”

Dearman is really enjoying crossing items off his bucket list. His behind-the-scenes looks are educating, interesting and exciting! When asked what his favorite has been so far his response was: “It’s really hard to pick a favorite because honestly I’ve had so much fun during all my Dells Bucket List adventures, but there are a few that stand out. Learning to drive one of the double-clutch, seven ton, Original Wisconsin Dells Ducks was an educational experience in learning about their history, as well as blast getting to drive one from on land into the water of Lake Delton. Doing high speed spins and power stops while driving one of the Captain Ron’s Original and WildThing Jet Boats on the Wisconsin River was thrilling. Getting to dress up as both a cowboy and a gangster to get my picture taken at Capone Original Old Time Picture Studio was a lot of funAnd wielding a powerful chainsaw to carve a bear into a tree stump with wood carver Dave Watson was pretty cool as well!”

All those experiences sound very exhilarating! So, what has Dearman learned so far through his adventures? “Well, I’ve heard some juicy behind-the-scenes gossip of some of the stuff that goes on around here, but for that I’ve been sworn to secrecy. That said, I’d have to say that pretty much every place I’ve written about so far has taught me something new, or offered a chance to experience something I most likely never would’ve had the opportunity to try before. Learning how to brew beer with Moosejaw’s brewmaster was educational, as well as thirst quenching. The Tommy Bartlett Exploratory offered a lot of fun, educational opportunities with their interactive exhibits and authentic Russian Space Station MIR. Learning the history of steam engines at the Riverside and Great Northern Railway was interesting, and getting to hold a couple authentic shrunken heads at Ripley’s Believe It or Not! was pretty cool, as well as a little creepy!”

So what’s next on his thrilling bucket list? “I got quite a few things on my wishlist of places I still want to hit, but since many of the attractions are closed for the season, I’m planning to take the winter months to visit some of the indoor, year-round bars and restaurants. I’ve already gotten to try some of the tasty goodness that can be found at Swiss Maid Fudge, Mr. Pancake, Denny’s Diner, the Brat House, and freshly caught trout from B&H Trout Farm, but the dells offers numerous dining options, so there is more then enough to keep me busy. You will just have to wait to see what comes next!”

While Dearman has clearly crossed off quite a few items on his exciting list, we wanted to know what would be the one thing to make it complete. Here’s what he said: “Well, I’ve already hit many from my “must do” list, but one that I’ve been looking forward to doing since I started all this is learning to make a Monk’s Burger. Before I moved here, making a pit stop for lunch at Monk’s was something I did on every visit to the Dells. It just wouldn’t be right if I didn’t cross that one off my list.”

Dearman has experienced things both locals and tourists alike never will. But others can learn some of his insight as well just by visiting the various attractions while here in the Dells. Check out his blog at and keep your eye on for exclusive offers to many of the restaurants and attractions on Dearman’s list.