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The Best Burgers In Town!

The Dells is known for its’ wide range of delicious restaurant choices. What would a restaurant be without a juicy burger or two on its’ menu? We found the best burgers in town to help you find that delicious, all-American classic you’re craving!

Alamo Smokehouse

“What makes our burgers unique is the use of barbeque seasonings and the original smoked flavor which you can find solely at Wisconsin Dells’ one and only smokehouse!” Opened in March of 2013, Alamo Smokehouse brings a taste of Texas to the area. Known for their brisket, ribs and steaks, you can’t go wrong with this unique and hand smoked menu. We had the privilege of being amongst the first to try their Texan Triple-Smoke Burger (now available on the menu). The rich, full of delicious, smoky flavored burger is rubbed with BBQ and seasoning before being cooked to your preference and topped with smoked pepperjack cheese. Yum! This restaurant might be a bit of a local secret for now but it won’t stay that way for long. Don’t miss out on some of the best burgers in town!

Brat House


“What makes our burgers unique is that we source our burgers from a local butcher and not from a big box factory. We char grill them and lightly season them to bring out the flavor. We also do unique combinations not found elsewhere: Ultimate Brat ‘n Burger, Bacon Double Brat ‘N Burger, German Brat Burger, Blackened Jalapeno Burger.” Speaking of the Blackened Jalapeno Burger, it is a spicy concoction of perfection. Well balanced and extra fresh, the jalapenos used on this burger will satisfy those who like a spicy-hot kick and those who want just a hint of peppery-hot. With a 14’ HDTV behind the bar, it is no surprise that the Brat House is an ideal place to catch the big game. Unbeatable drink deals, exciting twists on Wisconsin’s favorite: brats, and of course, incredibly fresh and delicious burgers. So be sure to sport your team’s colors and pull up a chair for an afternoon of sports, friends, fun and great food!


Del-Bar Burger

“Our burgers are ground trimmings cut from prime grade steak, which is why our customers call them ‘dynamite and delicious with a ton of flavor.’” With a menu filled with juicy, prime-cut steaks and fresh seafood why would you order a burger? The answer is: this is not just a burger. Take the Del-Bar’s famous Prime Steakhouse Burger and add cheddar, bacon and fried egg and you have extreme tastiness. The Del-Bar has been a part of, what is now a main drive in The Dells, since 1930. Growing since then from a six-table restaurant, this steakhouse is now a popular destination for those celebrating an event or looking for a more elegant evening. One of the oldest and best steakhouses in Wisconsin Dells, the Del-Bar might be famous for its delectable steaks but we recommend you order the burger. Trust us, this is one you won’t soon forget.

Dells Distillery


“The idea to put cheese curds on a burger came up from hours of creating different sandwiches with unique toppings and that we thought people would really love. With cheese curds being a favorite here in Wisconsin, we thought: why not add it to your burger!” Also new for 2013, Dells Distillery is located in the heart of Downtown Dells and is a “rich and rustic 1920’s Western themed restaurant for all ages.” Known for their unique twists on a comfort food favorite, tater tot casserole, as well as their home distilled liquors, Dells Distillery is quickly becoming a family favorite by day and a nighttime hot spot once the sun goes down. As for the burgers, well not much more needs to be said other than cheese curds on top of a perfectly seasoned and grilled patty. Add Monterey Jack cheese sauce along with classic toppings and The Distillery Burger will have you falling in love with Wisconsin in no time.



“Our recipe for our original Monkburger has been around more than 60 years, which is the same base recipe for all of our classics and gourmet burgers…always fresh meat, never frozen and our secret mix of spices.” Originally opened in 1947, Monks has never changed its burger recipe and has continuously been known for “the flavor that comes with the simplicity of a well-prepared burger.” They recommend first timers try the original burger with fried onions and melted cheese and we couldn’t agree more! The Original Monk’s Burger bursts with flavor so incredibly good, you have to taste it before advancing to the gourmet burgers. It’s a rare find to discover a burger that can truly stand on its own, but Monk’s has done it for years and it’s why visitors and locals alike return again and again.

Every one of these locations offers an extensive menu everyone is sure to love! However, we challenge fellow burger lovers to try each of these unique and mouth-watering patties on your next trip to Wisconsin Dells.