April Movie Preview

April is packed with new releases! From action to romance, comedy to family-friendly flicks, there’s a lot to be seen this month at Desert Star Cinema.

Furious 7 – 4/03

After defeating Owen Shaw and his crew, Dominic Toretto, Brian O’Conner and the rest of the crew are able to return to the United States and live normal lives again as they had wanted. However, Owen’s older brother, Deckard Shaw, is after Dom and his crew, seeking revenge for his brother’s death and putting the entire crew in danger once more. After learning of Han’s death, the crew sets out to find the man who killed one of their own, before he finds them first.

The Longest Ride – 4/10

Former bull-riding champion Luke and college student Sophia are in love, but conflicting paths and ideals threaten to tear them apart: Luke hopes to make a comeback on the rodeo circuit, and Sophia is about to embark on her dream job in New York’s art world. As the couple ponder their romantic future, they find inspiration in Ira, an elderly man whose decades-long romance with his beloved wife withstood the test of time.

Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 – 4/17

Paul Blart takes his teenage daughter with him to Las Vegas for a security-guard expo. While there, he stumbles upon a heist and must single-handedly apprehend the crooks.

Unfriended – 4/17

A teenager and her friends become the prey of an unknown online presence that wants revenge for a shaming video that caused a classmate to kill herself one year prior.

Monkey Kingdom – 4/17

In South Asia, Maya the monkey and her son Kip struggle to survive within the competitive social hierarchy of the troop at Castle Rock. When neighboring monkeys take over their home, Maya’s whole troop is forced to relocate. She uses her ingenuity to lead the members of her extended family to untapped resources amid strange new creatures and unfamiliar surroundings. Ultimately, the entire troop must work together to reclaim Castle Rock, where Maya hopes her son will have a bright future

The Age of Adaline – 4/24

Adaline Bowman has miraculously remained a youthful 29 years of age for nearly eight decades, never allowing herself to get close to anyone lest they discover her secret. However, a chance encounter with a charismatic philanthropist named Ellis Jones reawakens Adaline’s long-suppressed passion for life and romance. When a weekend with Ellis’ parents threatens to expose the truth, Adaline makes a decision that changes her life forever.

The Water Diviner – 4/24

In 1919, after the end of World War I an Australian farmer, Connor travels to Turkey to find out what happened to his three sons, following a promise to his late wife. All of them went missing during the disastrous Battle of Gallipoli. He makes his way to Gallipoli. Once there, he finds the graves of two of his sons, and finds evidence that one was taken prisoner and might still be alive.

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