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A Camp Resort Reminiscent of the Good Old Days

There’s something nostalgic about packing up the car with coolers, swimsuits, and s’mores fixings and driving to your family’s favorite campsite. Maybe it’s the idea of disconnecting and getting back to your roots. Maybe it’s just reliving the memories you made when you were a kid. Whatever it is for you, there’s nothing like a good weekend of camping to make it feel like the good old days.

The campsite Melissa stayed at with her family for over 20 years.

“Every year when I was kid, the weekend I looked forward to the most was “Sky High Weekend.” Close friends and family all drove from miles around to play in a softball tournament that my dad and his friend started and has continued every year since.  We would spend time going from the pool, to the game barn to the softball fields to cheer on our teams. I watched the ’86 Celtics win the championship with my dad in the “adults only” bar as he snuck me in while wearing my Larry Bird converse high tops. We spent hours on the basketball court that still stands. This gem of a camp resort is tucked up in the beautiful Baraboo Bluffs, only 20 min from the Dells, and even though it was 10 minutes from our house – it still made for the perfect family get-away to reconnect. Now, I take my own children there to support the dedicated owners who have kept adding on to the awesome grounds – whether it be mini-golf or volleyball pits or new softball fields – they have stepped up their game to make sure we continue to come and “play” there. I’m more of a “glamper” than a camper as I’ve gotten older – but the spacious and beautiful cabins are perfect for me.  Local or not, this is the camp resort to compare other resorts to.  You can’t beat the view!” -Melissa L.

The view from Melissa’s campsite overlooking the game barn which has a bar, restaurant, apparel and convenience store.

A Brief History of Sky High

In July of 1965, Ken and Darlene Anderson took ownership of the property now called Sky High Camping Resort.

The tree Melissa’s parents planted when Ken Anderson passed away several years ago. It was planted in centerfield of the old softball field.

In the spring of 1972, the Anderson family, Ken, Darlene, Brian and Eric, moved to Sky High. In October of 1995, it was purchased by Eric and Barb Anderson, who have made an effort to upgrade the park by adding something new each year. New office renovation, new camping sites, frisbee golf, playground equipment and hayrides to name a few. They even have heated cabins now so you can stay in the winter too!

Melissa and current owner, Eric Anderson.

No matter what your family’s traditions are, you can’t beat the feeling of experiencing the outdoors in their purest form through the joys of camping. Whether you like sitting around the campfire, competing in a softball tournament, lounging by the pool, or just sleeping under the stars, Sky High Camping Resort has all of the amenities to help you and your family camp like it’s the good old days.