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2014 Wisconsin Dells “Hidden Gems” Bucket List

This blog post was published on December 30, 2013 and may contain outdated information.

While some activities are obvious must-dos while in The Dells, there are some secret gems that visitors might not quite be aware of. So for the best Wisconsin Dells vacation yet, we’re revealing the top 10 “hidden hints” for your 2014 trip!

  1. If you’re out and about at the Downtown Dells bars and happen upon Showboat we have a few things you must be sure to do while there. First, tip the bartenders; not just because you should but because when you tip with cash, they ring a large bell so everyone knows what a wonderful patron you are! Second, play a round of Hammerschlagen! What is this? Simple, ask your bartender for the Hammerschlagen nails and hammer ($1 per nail) and the rules. They will show you the ropes to this unusual, frustrating and hilarious game.
  2.  Kids love the train that delivers food at Buffalo Phil’s where parents can capture adorable moments of their children. However, what most visitors don’t know is just how hard it is to get a seat at this table. An incredibly popular stop for families in The Dells, you should be sure to make a reservation for the train table in advance so your kids are sure to hear “choo-choo” as their food chugs around the corner. For reservations, call: 608-254-7300.
  3. Don’t just enjoy a meal in Wisconsin Dells but show off where you ate! Both Moosejaw and Sprechers have hats for kids to sport proudly. Talk about a photogenic moment; don’t miss a snapshot of the entire family in moose antlers or crows beaks.
  4. Love the Packers and the Badgers? Even if you don’t, you can at least catch a football game and benefit from these two teams scoring. Head to Brat House Grill at least an hour before the big game and snag a seat surrounding the big screen TV. Every time the Badgers or Packers score, free jello shots will be handed out everyone there. Bottoms up!
  5. Test your bravery! Most visitors don’t know that every hotel and waterpark in the area now has some sort of extreme waterslide. Challenge yourself to conquer the scariest one; or better yet, all of them. This summer, we dare you to take on the task of riding all of the ultimate waterslides. For the complete list, check out our blog post:
  6. Buy a cheesy shirt from one of the many t-shirt shops lining Downtown Dells. Most people want a souvenir to take home commemorating their vacations anyway, so why not make it one that is a guaranteed conversation starter. Some of our favorites are the “thing 1” and “thing 2” shirts. The numbers never end so these are hilarious for big families or groups.
  7. Take a duck ride. Okay yes, this is a very obvious one. However, if you’re in town to celebrate a birthday be sure to let your duck driver know because they just might let the birthday girl or boy drive the duck for a bit! An unforgettable birthday memory and awesome snapshot.
  8. Another item to do for those celebrating a birthday is dine at Rivers Edge. The unique interior and delicious food is enough of a draw but to add to the birthday excitement, Rivers Edge takes the percentage of the birthday boy or girl’s age off their meal. Age doesn’t just make you wiser; it gets you better deals on food too!
  9. Almost every bar in The Dells has “shake of the day.” Be sure to ask your bartender to participate. It’s usually only $1 to try and while each bar has their own shake rules, some of the jackpots are up to $1,000! Drinks, food and money in the bank. Best vacation stop ever!
  10. One of the newer attractions in Wisconsin Dells is Timbavati Wildlife Park. When purchasing tickets, be sure to get the package that includes both entrance into the park and the train ride. While on the train, you’ll get much closer to some of the animals than you would otherwise and learn tons of interesting facts about them. Once you reach the giraffes, you’ll get to feed them carrots! Here’s the fun part: put a carrot in your mouth so that most of it is sticking out and get the camera ready. The giraffes will eat the carrot right out of your mouth! Definitely a profile picture worthy vacation photo.

We’re super excited for 2014 and hope you are too! Start planning your summer vacation to Wisconsin Dells now for a truly fantastic trip!