2013 Winter Carnival

The 17th Annual Christmas Mountain Winter Carnival was a flurry with snowy events, music, food and fun! Festivities were underway early in the morning with a wood splitting contest. This timed event showcased incredible ax work with ax men showing off their strength and speed in quartering and stacking split wood. The kids got to show off their mad snowball making skills at the snowball launch with the farthest snowball taking the prize. The chilly fun continued with a prize dig for the kids – fluffy snow filled the air as little gloved hands searched for buried loot. Though the green was as white as could be more than 20 people lined up for their shot at closest to the flag golf competition.

Mid day activities continued with dog weight pulls. Several breeds took part in pulling freight over the snowy ground. Back to human competition, the afternoon brought bikini and boxer ski races on the bunny hill. Men and women baring just about all had to slalom down the hill, do a quick foot race and ski or board in for the finish…brrrrrrrr. Another chilly event followed short after, coming in to the ski-across-water event confidence was key and depending on your skills on water you could stay dry and warm or take a nice little swim. Clearly a Wisconsin tradition the half barrel toss closed out the events for the day and made way for a more relaxed evening celebration. Marshmallows were roasted, the torchlight parade was enjoyed and the grand firework finale closed out the cool winter evening with a little color.