2012 Autumn Harvest Festival Recap

Ooooooooooooohhhhh what a great time at this year’s Autumn Harvest Festival! Diehards and first-time festival goer’s joined in a two-day event packed with arts & crafts, live entertainment and Wisconsin’s best brewmasters giving out samples of their favorite fall brews and unique creations.

The Arts & Crafts Marketplace had some very unique sculptures and treats for purchase. Lorenod’s Pantry gave out free samples of his delicious mix of Wisconsin-grown cranberries, cherries and assorted nuts. C.W. Metalworks from Stevens Point, WI brought their famous dinosaur sculptures and other creations to share.

Veterans of Dells On Tap were easy to spot. Pretzel, cheese and other snackables dangled from their necks, mini boot gasses and that “Ooooooooooooohhhhh” chant ready to be bellow out at any moment.

In between brew tasting and concession snacking the Swing Crew kept the crowed dancing throughout the day. It’s no surprise the group has such a large following, as it’s easy to find yourself wanting to grab a shaker and join in on the rhythm. If you passed through the Swing Crew tent chances are you joined the cowbell conga line!


Congratulations to the new couple, Tommy and Tonya Roll who got engaged on stage during the Swing Crew performance!