Wisconsin Dells Fireworks

This blog post was published on June 24, 2014 and may contain outdated information.

Kick off summer with a bang this 4th of July in Wisconsin Dells! With expansive waterparks, electrifying amusement park rides, speedy go-karts, championship golf courses, camping and more, the Dells is a perfect place to call home! An always memorable piece of the 4th of July excitement is the spectacular firework displays! The Wisconsin Dells Area has several places to lay a blanket on the ground, sprawl out, and witness the spectacular shows up-close-and-personal. Lighting up the skies with twinkling lights, vibrant colors, and rumbling booms is the perfect way to top off your 4th of July in the Dells. Here’s just a portion of the area fireworks this July 4th!

Wilderness Resort Fireworks – Wilderness Resort, 511 E Adams Street, Lake Delton
Wisconsin Dells 4th of July Extravaganza – Wisconsin Dells Municipal Pool, Superior Street, Wisconsin Dells 
Chula Vista Fourth of July Celebration – Chula Vista Resort, 2501 River Road, Wisconsin Dells 
Great Wolf Lodge Freedom Howls – Great Wolf Lodge, 1400 Great Wolf Drive, Lake Delton
Kalahari Resort July 4th – Kalahari Resort, 1305 Kalahari Drive, Lake Delton
Mount Olympus Fourth of July Celebration – Mt. Olympus Theme Park, 1881 Wisconsin Dells Pkwy, Wisconsin Dells 

Continue your Wisconsin Dells firework experience with a Saturday, July 5th event, Dells on Fire – Christmas Mountain Village, Wisconsin Dells 

All of the mentioned firework locations will begin launching their firework shows at dusk. Bring a chair or blanket, most places have little/no seating available. Don’t forget to pack a camera! Although many people shy away from taking firework photography due to lackluster results, you can capture firework images this year with these helpful hints!

1. Use a tripod.

Because of the darker night skies and longer shutter exposures, tripods are the most effective way of holding your camera perfectly still. The longer shutter exposure to capture the beauty of the firework also captures any other movement of the camera (creates a blurry-looking photograph).

2. Perfect your shutter speed, aperture, & ISO.

Shutter Speed – Anywhere from 1-15 seconds. Longer exposures will capture a longer period of time. Try switching up your shutter speed if you don’t like the look of your images.
Aperture – f/8 to f/16 is a great place to start
ISO – ISO 100 to help create a clearer image

3. Framing your shot.

Framing the image may be one of the hardest pieces of taking firework photography. Because you have no way of knowing how high each firework is going, it’s best to keep your camera zoomed out until you can hone-in on their location in the sky.

4. Switch it up.

Both horizontal and vertical compositions work well for firework photography. Because of their vertical nature, you can capture a firework from blast-off to boom! Try and capture single fireworks with a vertical framing, and the coveted finale in a horizontal frame.

5. Turn the flash off.

Be sure to keep the flash off when photographing fireworks. The flash will create a quick exposure to stop time and doesn’t translate well with firework photography. Try taking one photo with the flash on and you’ll see what we mean!

6. Don’t get frustrated!

The key is not to get frustrated. Often times it takes several photos to get the settings correct! The great thing about digital photography is the capability to keep shooting images without worrying about filling up film. Digital photography also allows you to view the images to ensure their quality BEFORE sending them to get developed. Anyone remember the good ol’ days of disposable cameras? You never knew what would come out after developing!

Happy Independence Day everyone!