New in the Dells: Belgiis Waffle Bar

This blog post was published on March 23, 2016 and may contain outdated information.

Wisconsin Dells welcomes their newest restaurant, Belgiis Waffle Bar, and they’re cooking up something unique. These waffles aren’t your traditional Belgian style waffles, which are batter-based. Belgiis waffles are made with dough and caramelized pearls of sugar, which are given the name Liege waffles. Liege waffles are traditional European Street Food and Belgiis gives you the option to enjoy your waffle in their beautiful shop or while strolling among Downtown Wisconsin Dells. Most waffles at Belgiis are served sandwich-style, with delicious chocolate, fruit, or premium toppings in the middle. Belgiis Waffles can be enjoyed any time of day, not just breakfast. You can accompany your waffle creation with a delicious smoothie or something from the full-service expresso machine.

The next time you’re in Wisconsin Dells, be sure to check out Belgiis Waffle Bar. For more info, visit:  https://www.dells.com/listing/belgiis-waffle-bar-llc