What’s New #InTheDells: Tati’s Taters!

IMG_1126As you drive down Wisconsin Dells Parkway, feast your eyes on the newest food stand in the Dells, Tati’s Taters. Enjoy delicious potato themed dishes that are fresh and taste great! Owner and operator Tatiana wanted to spread her love for recipes and joy of cooking with the world, which lead her to opening Tati’s Tater’s in June 2016.



The specialty at Tati’s are the Sweet Taters, which are desserts made with sweet potatoes! Even if you’re not a fan of sweet potatoes, don’t worry, these taters are made and filled with flavor galore! Sweet Taters include such flavors as Potato a la s’more, Nutty, Thanksgiving, Northwoods, and Hawaiian Sweet Taters!

IMG_1124Other Potato options include broccoli & cheese, pulled pork, chili cheese, and loaded potato. They also have sandwich and beverage options if taters aren’t your thing. Tati’s Taters is open from 11am-10pm all summer long. For more information, visit: https://www.dells.com/listing/tatis-taters/