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Top 10 Spring Trends of 2014

New York Fashion Week was jam-packed with so many new trends and twists on current fashion favorites, that it was hard to narrow it down to a top 10. With such a variety on the runway, it will be easy for everyone to catch spring fashion fever and rock their favorites this season.

1.    Icy Pastels – Pastels make a come back almost every spring but this year their bringing some of winter with them. From dresses to skirts, shorts and tees, pastels in icy hues will be everywhere this spring. However, if pastels really aren’t your thing, then pick up a few pastel accessories and use them as pops of color to update the black and white trend from winter.

2.    Button Downs – Finally a trend that’s easy to incorporate into a work wardrobe! A twist on plain button downs, you will see lots of shirt collars in contrasting fabrics or patterns. Don’t worry, it won’t be difficult to find toned down versions of this trend so it’s not too loud for work. However, find a bolder button down or two as well to wear on the weekends for a little more fun.

3.    Athletic – Whether you’re an athlete or not, you can look sporty this spring! Key pieces to this trend include: bomber jackets, sweatshirt dresses, jerseys (tops or dresses), and baseball caps. From cheering on your favorite baseball team to spending a weekend out on the town, this cute and casual trend is comfy and fun!

4.    Tea-Length Skirts – Not a midi or a maxi, this spring fashion is pretty specific. If you’re handy with a sowing machine, you can save yourself some money by taking a few inches off your maxi skirts. If not, it doesn’t have to be designer for you too get this romantic look. The more flowy the better for this trend, get ready to show off those ankles as maxi skirts get a crop this spring!

5.    Lilac – Double up trend alert! Find lilac pieces in icier shades to incorporate the icy pastel trend into the spring’s favorite color this year. With various shades of lilac popping up this season, it can be easy to find which version of this purple hue looks best on you. Rock this in key clothing pieces, accessories, or both, lilac will be everywhere in the coming months.

6.     Iridescence – This is probably the most challenging trend to work off runway this season. Mostly meant for nights out, you can always find a shimmering clutch in order to incorporate this trend into daytime outfits. To work this into your clothing, choose one standout piece such as a top, dress, or skirt. For the rest of your outfit, stick to one other color; black looks the sleekest but bold colors or jewel tones can work as well.

7.    Cropped – This trend is here to stay! At least for another season or two. The cropped look seems to be creeping up more and more as bustiers and tees become even more midriff bearing this year. For those who prefer not to show off their belly buttons, cropped jackets are also very trendy this season for an easy way to incorporate this trend, especially on chilly spring days.

8.    Lace Shorts – Lace in general is another clinging trend that comes back in full force during the spring and fall seasons. However, it is especially prominent in shorts this year. Wear this trend casually during the day with shorts with lace fringe or seams, try for pastels, cream or white shorts. For a dressier version of this look, rock full lace shorts out at night in black.

9.     Fringe – A new twist on the tribal print trend, which is likely on its way out anyways, fringe will be added onto shirts, dresses, and skirts this spring. From patterned pieces to solids, fringe adds an eye-catching flourish to otherwise basic clothing. Go bold with long fringe or more relaxed with shorter fringe, it’s up to you to add your personality!

10.     Pleats – This trend is relatively subtle and easy to incorporate into everyday outfits. Since it looks best on bottoms, find pants, knee length, or tea-length skirt with a pleat. Look at that, another double up trend! A long skirt with a pleat with only adds to the flowiness factor making this a comfortable trend, great to rock while traveling.

It’s time to shed those sweaters and shop ‘til you drop for these top 10 spring fashion trends! Be sure to check out Tanger Outlet Mall during your next trip to Wisconsin Dells for designer favorites at outlet prices.