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Top 10 Back-to-School Fashions: Kids

The brisk, fall air is upon us once again. Time to swap the flip-flops and light-weight tank tops for warm boots and cozy vests. Get your kids ready to go back to school in style with these top 10 fall fashions for children:

  1. Contrasting Colors (girls/boys) – Sporting contrasting colors is a hot style trend for fall. Pick a base color in a pastel tone (such as light blue) and then a pop of color with one piece of contrasting, darker clothing. Example: Pair a heather grey sweater and light blue scarf with a burnt orange shirt.
  1. Hats (girls/boys) – Hats are a fun accessory that are practical for the chilly fall season! For girls, try a cute knit hat! Knit hats are easy to dress up or down and can be accessorized with a big flower or bow. For boys, plaid or plain newsboy caps are adorable!
  1. Denim (girls/boys) – Denim is back! An easy way for the kiddos to rock the denim trend is to wear jeans and a complimenting jean jacket. However, jean jumpers and button-down shirts follow the trend too! Pair jumpers with cozy, colorful or patterned leggings and a long-sleeved shirt. For jean button-downs, add some personality with colored jeans/corduroys and a scarf. Stylish and durable… does it get any better?
  1. Knits (girls/boys) – Knits are always a popular choice for the harvest months. A great way to add another layer, the new trend is wearing a long, thick-knitted open cardigan. Wear the open cardigan over jumpers, leggings, or a cute top and jeans. For boys, open-collared knit sweaters are in-style (try a fall color such as cream or hunter green).
  1. Tutu Skirts (girls) – Too cute for words! In-style since spring, chances are your daughter already has one of these. You can easily make tutus wearable for fall by coupling them with tights or leggings and a light sweater.
  1. Vests (boys) – What could be more adorable than a little man rocking a vest? Light fabric vests are popular this fall but you can never go wrong with a down vest over a comfy plaid button-down! You can always try with a jean vest, colored button-down and jeans, or reverse that with a fall colored vest and jean button up.
  1. Boots (girls/boys) – Boots are always a staple for the chilly fall weather! Girls have a wide range of options in boot height from short to tall; they all are in this season. If you’re looking for a pair that’s wearable with a lot of outfits pick a neutral-colored boot such as dark brown or black. Thick, hunting-style boots are a popular choice for boys and are great for both keeping them warm and clean while outside in the fall leaves!
  1. High Socks (girls) – High socks are making a huge comeback this fall season, especially with a pair of medium/tall boots. Whether you find high, knit socks or simply recycle the wrist portion of old gloves, this adorable accessory is an easy and trendy addition to any outfit!
  1. Floral Patterns (girls) – Dresses, scarves, jeans, you name it; fall floral patterns are a must! If you have a girly-girl on your hands, go with a floral print long-sleeved dress, leggings or tights, boots, scarf and/or a hat.
  1. Scarfs (girls/boys) – Speaking of scarves… what an easy trend that’s both fashionable and practical! From plaid to floral, bright colors to neutral tones, scarves are the perfect accessory to any outfit!

With the purchase of a few key pieces, it will be easy to keep the kids looking trendy all season long! You can find all these trends and more for unbeatable prices at Tanger Outlets here in Wisconsin Dells. Happy shopping!