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Top 10: Fall Fashion

My favorite part of the day is deciding what to wear! Living in Wisconsin Dells, I have so many great places to shop for what I’m looking for. Outlets at the Dells as well as all of the specialty stores in Downtown Wisconsin Dells have what I need to keep up with the latest trends. With the fall season starting up, I’m going to tell you what I think is popular for both guys and girls to be seen wearing on the streets!

1) Hoodies

Stay casual and comfortable in a hooded sweatshirt. Not only is the weather perfect for being outside in a hoodie, but you’ll look and feel younger. Whether representing a college of choice or your favorite store, fall is not complete without hooded sweatshirts!

2) Football Jersey’s

Not only does the midwest have some of the most dedicated sports fans, but they also have some of the best football teams. You don’t need to wait until Football Weekends to show your pride by wearing a jersey of your favorite college or professional football team. If you don’t have a favorite team, just pretend like you know what’s going on and see which jersey’s are popular right now!

3) Scarves

This has become a newer trend, and I like it! It doesn’t have to be cold outside for both men and women to wear a decent scarf! Whether complimenting your outfit or staying a few degrees warmer on those cooler autumn days, a scarf is the perfect way to add edge to your fall outfit.

4) Fall Boots

If you really want to show how young and hip you are, get yourself a pair of fall boots! For women, either natural colored, black, or brown boots that rise just below your knees are “in”. For gentleman, brown or natural colored tight boots to the ankles are popular, especially with khaki pants and jeans.

5) Hair on fleek

What does fleek mean? It means something is on point, meaning it looks perfect! Each person knows which hairstyle compliments them. Taking the time to brush or style the hair on your head can make you and your outfit look 10x better! Head to a Wisconsin Dells salon or spa and change things up with a new ‘do!

6) Leggings

Now this is a fashion for women. Dark, solid-colored leggings will make you look trim and comfortable. Pair leggings with a long sweater, pair of boots, cute scarf and a Pumpkin Spice Latte for going out or shopping on those brisk fall afternoons.

7) Skirts

With “back-to-school” time comes skirts. This trend originated in the late 1800’s when most schools around the nation required uniforms. Now, it’s used as a fashion trend and fall skirts are a staple! Black, grey, or red textures, with a length just above the knees are the popular skirt trends this season.

8) Sweaters

When the leaves begin to change color, you know it’s time to pull those sweaters out of your closet! This year, a knit sweater with a folded over collar is what’s “in”. Be sure to keep it simple with between 1 and 3 colors. Any more makes the sweater look too busy!

9) Very dark blue jeans

The ‘90s are over, and so are sky-blue jeans. If you want to know what’s popular, dark blue jeans are a cutting edge style makes you look very defined in fashion! For women, skinny or straight jeans are recommended if you’d like to show off your figure. For men, I’d suggest loose-fit or built-in flex skinny jeans. Pair your jeans with some boots and you’re good to go!

10) Chic – be unique!

No matter what style you’re trying to achieve this season, just be yourself. Wear what makes you happy and feel comfortable! You don’t need to follow fall trends to feel like a million bucks! Dress the way YOU want to, and don’t let anyone tell you different!

Top 10: Fall Fashion