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This blog post was published on June 23, 2011 and may contain outdated information.

Lost Voyage Wisconsin DellsCome along on the Lost Voyage, a new adventure to hit the Wisconsin Dells this year. A part of the Dells Boat Tours family, the Lost Voyage takes you on a journey to discover the story of a 70- year-old boat called the Badger and search for a group of missing teenagers. Chills and mystery await you on the dark waters of the Wisconsin River and lay hidden within the depths of Cold Water Canyon.
The Lost Voyage tells the story of the Badger, a tour boat that was caught up in a vicious storm back in 1943 during which it vanished into thin air. The boat, the crew and their captain was never seen or heard from again, until now. The Badger mysteriously turned up again in Cold Water Canyon, its last known location. A group of teenagers are the ones who first discovered the returned boat and even managed to capture it on tape. Only now all we have left of the teenagers is their tape because they have suddenly disappeared without a trace.

This is where participants come in, as it is up to them to crack the case! Eager detectives can get an early start by visiting Here you can find clues and a list of questions, the answers to some of which can be found online as well. The Lost Voyage answers the rest, as answers are given throughout the tour. Once you think you’ve solved the case, head back online and submit your prospective code to be eligible for amazing prizes. Feeling confident? Come back year after year and attempt to solve the case anew as there will be different questions and clues every summer.

The Badger Circa 1943The Lost Voyage is an hour-and-a-half-long expedition that departs at 8:30 p.m. every night. The tour begins on boat traveling up the Wisconsin River and then continues on foot through Cold Water Canyon. During this first half, riddles will be solved through the discovery of clues but on the trek back, the canyon comes to life as things start to go bump in the night.

The concept for the Lost Voyage came about after the Dells Boat Tours completed their yearly Ghost Boat excursions. People enjoyed the Halloween tour so much that the company wanted to find a way to bring the tour alive during the summer season and the Lost Voyage was born. However, the Lost Voyage is much more interactive and factual than the Halloween tour, which is more festive and holiday-based. The story actually uses a lot of true Wisconsin Dells history and some from the Baraboo area as well. The entire spectacle combines those pieces of history with inspirations from the shows Lost and X Files, The Blair Witch Project movie and more.


Lost Voyage on the Bow

“The reactions so far have been great” states head of the Lost Voyage project, Amanda Glime. “Participants have been calling the tour a ‘great show’ and many say they were extremely scared as well.”
With numbers of Lost Voyage attendees reaching over 200 Memorial Day weekend, according to Glime, it is obvious this tour has piqued an interest amongst visitors, who thus far have been immensely entertained. So if mind-boggling mysteries and chilling stories are your niche, then the Lost Voyage is a “must-do” attraction while visiting the Dells. Please keep in mind that this tour is not recommended for children under 10 years of age or those who do not enjoy being scared.

For more information on the Lost Voyage, contact them by e-mail at [email protected] or by phone at 608-254-8555. You can also visit or

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