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fudge-plWisconsin Dells sweet shops and fudge have been a part of the Dells experience for many years. Silky and delectable chocolate fudge has been joined by dozens of other varieties like peanut butter, cookies n’ cream and rocky road. Fudge, salt water taffy and other sweet and savory candies fill the jars, shelves and display cases of such downtown Wisconsin Dells stores as Original Wisconsin Dells Fudge, Swiss Maid Fudge and Goody Goody Gum Drop Candy Kitchens.

Original Wisconsin Dells Fudge has been using the same old-fashioned fudge recipe since 1962. Made only with the finest ingredients like real whipping cream and butter, it’s not uncommon to find yourself drawn into the store from the sweet and delicious aromas wafting from its open doors. Stop in to watch them make the fudge and confections before your eyes or buy fudge on their website.

Swiss Maid Fudge, a 2nd generation candy store, wanted to share its deliciously creamy fudge recipe with all of the area’s visitors. Opening the doors to their store in 1962, they strive to bring you the purest candy possible. Swiss Maid Fudge uses only the finest ingredients like pure chocolate and vanilla. Their other handmade candies include caramel apples, brittles, crunches and many hand-dipped chocolates.

Goody Goody Gum Drop Candy Kitchens boast a huge candy selection and over 20 flavors of soft serve ice cream! You can find jawbreakers, wrapped hard candy, bubble gum, fudge, caramel apples, toffee, turtles, jelly beans, brand name candies and a lot more. Need a sweet gift for your sweetheart? Goody has gift baskets for any occasion.goodygumdrop

Wisconsin Dells candy and fudge shops will no doubt be the sweetest part of your vacation.